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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Mars Conjunct Ascendant: You're aggressive, competitive, domineering and forceful, but you can be selfish and accident prone (especially minor cuts and burns.) You make yourself noticed and markedly affect your environment, usually by trying to change the people and the situation around you. You have muscular strength, rugged constitution and infectious freshness and zest. You want to be a leader, but tend to act for yourself to attain your own goals. You often plunge in without thinking unless Mercury or Saturn is strong. You can accomplish a lot if you learn diplomacy but others often resent your interference and bossiness which they feel is unnecessary. If in the first house, all Martian traits are emphasized and your energy is likely to be directed to matters related to the rising sign. In the twelfth house, you tend to be secretive, psychic and mystical, making you hard to know.
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Mars Trine Ascendant: You have strong physical constitution and will-power and quick, decisive responses. You're able to harmoniously blend the energy of the rising sign and of the sign occupied by Mars. You lead a lively and active life and accomplish much. Your strength and directness inspire confidence in others and gain their cooperation. This is a good aspect for men since it strengthens the masculine virtues of strength and power.
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Mars Square Ascendant: Your frustrations can produce angry scenes or paranoia, and if afflicted, you can be a bully. You have marital and partnership problems due to your overly aggressive self-expression and you must cultivate gentleness and diplomacy. The negative traits of Mars are stressed and you must combat/overcome these.
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Mars Sextile Ascendant: You're able to create or take advantage of opportunities for constructive action. You're good at initiating actions that inspire the cooperation of others, especially in marriage or dealing with the public. Your direct, forceful and frank self-expression brings you approval and respect. This aspect gives a lively and harmonious blending of the energies of the rising sign and the sign Mars occupies.
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Mars Inconjunct Ascendant: The negative traits of Mars are emphasized and you must make a conscious effort to combat this by adjusting how you act and react towards others, especially in relation to self-expression.
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Mars Opposite Ascendant: There is aggressiveness in dealings with the public and with partners, either by you or to you by them. You would rather compete than cooperate, so you must expend great energy in cooperative efforts. Relationships, especially marriage, are emotionally packed. Unrecognized desires by you or your partner can cause conflicts. You need to learn to control your tendency to be quarrelsome. If the sixth house is involved, overwork causes strain and you find it difficult to know when to stop. If the 7th house is involved, you use exceptional energy in partnerships.
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