Mars Aspects to Jupiter

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Mars Trine Jupiter Mars Square Jupiter
Mars Sextile Jupiter Mars Inconjunct Jupiter Mars Opposite Jupiter

Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Mars Conjunct Jupiter: You're ambitious, very energetic and enthusiastic, frank, generous, liberal, lucky and open, but you may have a devil-may-care attitude if Aries or Sagittarius is prominent. If afflicted, you can be loud and obnoxious, feeling that might makes right. You are zealous in your pursuit of knowledge, religion and efforts on behalf of the needy. Your restlessness and fearlessness make you feel able to do whatever you want and to take on any and all adversaries-- you have strong self-confidence. However, you can be fanatical about whatever you get involved in. If Mars or Jupiter is poorly placed, you may take the law into your own hands. You may be involved with the military in some way due to your love of parades, pomp and ceremony. You tend to accumulate wealth due to an ability to make good decisions and your business ability, especially when enterprise and financial gain are important. You can become physically exhausted if you drive yourself too hard.
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Mars Trine Jupiter: You're ambitious, broad-minded, enthusiastic, liberal, loyal, optimistic, proud, self-confident, sincere and straightforward. You act with energy and enthusiasm, gaining wisdom and understanding, especially in matters related to the signs and houses Mars and Jupiter occupy. Your philosophic and humanitarian urges are acted on constructively. You have a strong sense of justice and responsibility and vigorously defend your principles and causes. You're secure in your own beliefs and put your religion into practice, making a true idealist. Your active physical body must always be on the move so you like adventure, sports and travel. You're blessed with good karma, enabling you to regenerate negative conditions of the past into constructive action. Your home life is active and constructive. You like evangelical or religious work or working with kids.
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Mars Square Jupiter: You're apt to use social sanction and collective power for self-aggrandizement or gratification of your passions. You often fight holy crusades to win public approval of your violent tendencies. You may even gain financially from violence and destruction. You're a spendthrift with your time, money and energy but often waste and misuse others' resources. You're a hard worker, but sporadic and impatient, wasting talent and energy through impulsive and misdirected actions. You're restless and want constant activity and stimulation, but you tend to overdo everything and don't know when to quit. You often have fanatical and/or controversial religious, social and political beliefs. You must guard against extremism in the houses occupied by Mars and Jupiter or it will lead to disaster. You must examine your materialistic motives and the reasons behind your excesses. You often work against yourself unknowingly, but blame others for defeats. You are socially outgoing, but not necessarily reliable or dependable. You often hide the true intent of your actions behind seemingly harmless actions, often religiously related. You can be blindly optimistic and hypocritical and must develop care and forethought. You must learn to define your goals well.
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Mars Sextile Jupiter: You're broad-minded, liberal, loyal, self-confident, sincere, straightforward and optimistic. You have enthusiasm and energy for work, self-expression and self-improvement. You're secure in your own beliefs so you're a true idealist. You work strenuously on behalf of those less fortunate than you and can be generous in a practical way. You have a strong sense of responsibility and justice and will vigorously defend your principles and causes, not acknowledging defeat. You usually achieve some degree of success and material comfort. Your active physical body must always be on the move.
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Mars Inconjunct Jupiter: You're philanthropic, sympathetic and kind and feel the need to take care of others whether they want you to or not, then you feel hurt if they reject your offers of help. You tend to take on more than you can handle in work, then can't keep the promises you made. You must learn to develop care and forethought to combat your impulsiveness and blind optimism. You may be victimized by others who take advantage of your willingness to become involved in unrealistic goals or causes.
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Mars Opposite Jupiter: You're intolerant, prejudiced, opinionated and aggressive in promoting your religious and philosophic views, often antagonizing others. If in a fixed sign, rigid opinions cause bias. You go on holy crusades for financial gain and ego-gratification, often boasting and exaggerating your own importance. You may even be a soldier of fortune. You're a hard worker, but tend to overdo everything. You have a reputation for unreliability and wastefulness, although your extravagance tends to involve others' resources. You can develop toxic conditions in the blood stream and liver form lack of moderation in your diet and use of alcohol. You can appear outgoing and friendly when it's to your advantage but you can also be dishonest and greedy. You may attempt things without the necessary resources to succeed and can lose financially due to poor judgment. Avoid speculation and choose business partners and associates for their dependability. You're restless and want adventure and to travel. You're blindly optimistic and must develop care and forethought. If not disciplined, you waste energy and your talent through impulsive and misdirected actions. You lack steady, sustained and well-regulated effort and must learn to define your goals well.
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