Sun Aspects to Mars

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Sun Sextile Mars Sun Inconjunct Mars Sun Opposite Mars

Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Sun Conjunct Mars: You're hardworking, enterprising, impulsive, self-assertive, competitive, dramatic and have leadership ability even though you tend to dominate any group you lead. You have will power and inner drive and go after what you want. You have a short fuse, but just as short a memory-- at least when it comes to remembering why you were angry. You're not one to run away from danger and, if this aspect is afflicted, especially to Uranus, you're accident prone and may leave your body through some sort of accident or violence unless you learn to control your "animal" self. Your greatest chance for success comes in areas ruled by the first, fifth and, to a lesser extent, the eighth houses as well as the house(s) of the conjunction. You need to be active to be happy and these houses with have the potential for intense activity. You're mechanically inclined and physically strong, able to over-come many illnesses or mishaps. Cuts and burns will probably abound. You're not always tactful, but in a feminine sign, the Martian traits are softened so you're not as aggressive. If the aspect is afflicted, you can be bad-tempered and extremely self-willed. If it's also in a masculine sign, you can be very martial or combative.
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Sun Trine Mars: You're physically strong, self-confident and ambitious. You have good health, vitality, endurance and leadership ability. You tend to be wiry in build. You're competitive and may be more interested in your own goals than those of others, so you can appear, and may be, selfish at times. In a woman's chart, there's an ability to attract men. You have a strong sense of integrity and honor. Your action and will work well together-- right and constructive action comes naturally and usually brings success. You enjoy the challenge of a hard task. Your energy can find an intellectual outlet by putting theoretical knowledge into practical use. You're able to make quick decisions.
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Sun Square Mars: You're enthusiastic, outspoken, aggressive, impulsive and combative: you're apt to be your own worst enemy. You love to take chances and may be accident-prone. Avoid guns. You tend to come on too strong, often with a chip on your shoulder, which makes others angry. You're physically strong and any partner must be able to keep up with you. You use your energy destructively, made worse when obstacles make you frustrated and angry. You tend to overwork and have more than the average number of quarrels, which wastes even more energy. You must learn to think before you speak or act, to restrain your anger and aggressiveness and to learn to be more diplomatic/tactful. In a fixed sign, you're stubborn and tend to hold grudges. In cardinal signs, you tend to be impulsive and have temper flare-ups. In mutable signs, you're irritable and waste energy performing useless tasks.
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Sun Sextile Mars: You're courageous, energetic, daring, adventurous and have strong will power. Any enterprise you become involved with is intelligent and constructive. You're a good leader and often initiate projects. You're able to communicate and cooperate well with friends, associates and groups. Women are able to attract men. You usually have good health as well as a strong endurance of pain and suffering. You have a strong sense of fair play. In trying to accomplish a worthwhile achievement, you go all out and are very decisive. Your decisions are quick and usually correct. Right and constructive action comes naturally to you and often assures your success. If the aspect involves air signs or mutable signs, you're capable of having clear, accurate and profound insights. Your creativity can be positively expressed in areas associated with the houses ruled and occupied by the Sun and Mars.
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Sun Inconjunct Mars: There's a conflict between your will and your desires that can lead to a joy in taking risks. You lack self-confidence and tend to over-compensate by acting snooty or arrogant. You tend to overwork, which can lead to health problems. You have an above average number of arguments and must learn to handle your anger and resentment. Before others will trust you, you must prove you're dependable.
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Sun Opposite Mars: You're outspoken, aggressive combative and apt to take rash actions when you should be thinking before acting. You're enthusiastic, but a tendency to overwork may cause health problems. You actually enjoy taking risks which, combined with a tendency to be accident-prone, may lead to serious injury. You have an above average number of quarrels caused by and causing inner resentment and anger. You're apt to have trouble with your superiors and/or your father. You must learn to be conciliatory. You often come on too strong which tends to drive others away. You're physically strong but require your partner be able to keep up with you. Women with this placement tend to be opinionated and dominating and must learn to deal with the masculine side of themselves before they can have a peaceful relationship with a man.
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