Sun Aspects to Pluto

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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Sun Conjunct Pluto: You have tremendous energy at your disposal: if its used through the mind, you become a spiritual being with universal power for good, but if used through the body, you have extremely high sexual drive and potency. Your power can be used to regenerate and change yourself and things around you by focusing your will. You can become dictatorial if your desire for power is allowed to go too far. You must learn to bring your will into line with the Divine Will or else your efforts at change will backfire and possibly cause your own destruction. You simply can't understand weakness or lack of drive in others, often leading to intolerance and egotism that you must learn to deal with. You'll fight anything you consider an injustice.
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Sun Trine Pluto: You're a born leader and often clairvoyant and/or highly intuitive. You have tremendous amounts of energy and strong recuperative power, will power and concentration. You're often interested in yoga, meditation and other types of self-improvement. You have proper motivation and the ability to apply your energies intensely so when the opportunity presents itself, you're able to use it to the best of your advantage. You may gain from others' losses or come into an inheritance.
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Sun Square Pluto: You can be willful, boastful, arrogant, domineering and rebellious and often, your ambition for power causes you to try to impose your will on others. You want to change others when you should be trying to change yourself. Positive expression of some areas of your personality is difficult and there's added strain and tension in your life-- extra positive sympathy from those around you is helpful. It's not easy for you to constructively harness your energy. You're a great manager, but must learn cooperation. Your temper needs controlling and you must develop moderation in all relationships, especially with the opposite sex, with whom you tend to be overly aggressive.
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Sun Sextile Pluto: You're resourceful, strong-willed and able to change yourself and things around you by applying that will. You're a born leader with good concentration. You may be interested in yoga, meditation or understanding and controlling the occult forces. You can tap into the universal energy source, giving you added endurance and recuperative powers. You may gain from others' losses or come into an inheritance.
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Sun Inconjunct Pluto: Important areas of your personality may be blocked so that, along with added stress and tension, positive expression of self is difficult. You may subconsciously dislike yourself and, if so, you must overcome this. You must learn to take car of yourself since you're always pushing yourself to the limit. Your job may involve great risk or matters of life and death.
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Sun Opposite Pluto: You can be arrogant, boastful, willful, over-bearing and rebellious and this may put you in physical danger. You have trouble putting your energy to positive use. You're impulsive when applying your energy, especially when it involves changing the world, which must be changed to fit your perception. You can be a great manager, but first you must learn the art of compromise. You can't gain others' support since you're often too forceful and direct. You can also be overly aggressive in the matters of love and sex. Learn to control you temper and develop moderation in all your relationships. Positive self-expression is difficult due to added tension and strain and blockage of key elements of your personality. You could place yourself in imminent danger if you become involved in social or political revolutions or wars.
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