Sun Aspects to Venus

Sun Conjunct Venus Sun Semi-square Venus Sun Semi-sextile Venus

Note: The Sun and Venus are never more than forty-six degrees apart so there can be no major conflicts between spirit (Sun) and love (Venus), although there may be a little stress if the Sun is semi-sextile or semi-square to Venus.

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Sun Conjunct Venus: You're easy-going, feminine, attractive, affectionate, cheerful, optimistic, generous, non-combative and warmhearted. If the conjunction is too close, you can be lazy, pompous, egotistical, self-indulgent and may have overly-ambitious expectations. This aspect is not easy for males unless in a masculine sign. This aspect attracts help and blessings into your life. In more evolved souls, it manifests as beauty, harmony and love, both personal and surrounding you. You live life to the fullest, especially enjoying social activities. Your self-expression tends towards art and music. You'd do better in occupations dealing with women than in the cutthroat business world. Your powerful emotions include a strong sense of love and the erotic. You're persuasive, eager to be liked, and able to bring happiness to others due to your strong affections and romantic drive. You have a refined, agreeable and, usually, traditional sense of taste. You may postpone getting married, and when you do, you'll probably limit the size of your family, even though you get along exceptionally well with children. If the conjunction is afflicted, you may be self-seeking, but usually get away with it due to your charm.
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Sun Semi-square Venus: Close or intimate friendships are often marred by an unwillingness to compromise, often leading to loss of that relaionship. You have difficulty seeing that you may take your close friends for granted.
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Sun Semi-sextile Venus: You make friends easily, but this may lead to a tendency to take intimate relationships for granted. This could lead to a break-up of the relationship.
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