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Michael's Backyard Wrestling
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This is a my most popluar site called Gayja. It is full of jokes and pictures of my life. Click on My World to see the pictures (300 pictures). The most popluar is a my talk show called the Gayja Show. There is also Stupid Friends where I make fun of all of my friends, and of course the smash hit, Omar Land.
This site is for the fans of video games.  There is up to date news of your favorite Nintendo consoles and games.  I have reviews, preview, etc.  written by me so you can buy your games.  I am a harsh critic.  Also, you can look at my sub-sites of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, and Metroid, and look at my cool art works.
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Here are all of the episodes of the MBW.  There is more history in this backyard wrestling than any other. On this page we have all of the matches, commericals, backstage promos .
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Michael's Backyard Wrestling. I have a wrestling foundation is this little town and we have 30+ episodes ofWrestling Madness.  It the official site of the most popular wrestling company in Arizona.  This site has great pictures, MBW records, and the very episode in detail for you to enjoy.
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Fate is a part of the evil group Black Rain, along with Black Rain. 
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This site has nothing to do with any company because this site is for the Michael's Backyard Wrestling, a Wrestling made for fun long ago.  This material is not copyrighted and I have nothing to do with MBW, the real company.
We have heard from inside sources that MBW episodes will be coming to the web soon.  In fact, this website may be relaunching very soon.  MBW officials have been pondering about the next step from the company and decided they must offer a bigger audience than it does right now.  In January, MBW will be airing the first MBW online episode.  That's right, MBW will be having a makeover.  The episodes will be 40-45 minutes long that will air 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  Since we are going
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Who was the first tag team champions?  Who was the first MBW Universal Champion?  Well all of the questions are answered! Click the Link and you will get of the facts of the MBW.
Here is the complete MBW Roster.  These pages have tons and tons of information on your favorite superstar.  There are nearly 30 MBW superstars on the Roster and you can see each so their pages.  Enjoy!
Click on the Link to go to the Page.
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to be avaiable to a new audience, the first episodes will show you who we are.  MBW is the most entertaining backyard wrestling company in the world.  We make our own commericals, we have the funniest backyard scenes ever seen, and since we are running on exactly 4 years on experience, our matches ain't bad neither.  Soon you will be able to enjoy the MBW and our crazy past episodes, on your computer screen at home.  Please come back here for more information as the date apporaches.
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