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*NO PICTURES OF RIAH!!!!! (just kidding)
*Did I mention that I am in the pictures, oooooooowwwwww.
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*Jose is the next vitum on Stupid Friends, hahahah.
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This is the most popular section of my website.  If you are here to laugh your butt off or to look at some of my personal pictures then this is the place to be.  The Gayja Show, Omar Land, and Stupid Friends are some of the most funniest pieces so feel free to click on to any of the links below and enjoy the wonderful pages or else....
This is a my most popluar site called Gayja. It is full of jokes and pictures of my life. Click on My World to see the pictures (300 pictures). The most popluar is a my talk show called the Gayja Show. There is also Stupid Friends where I make fun of all of my friends, and of course the smash hit, Omar Land.
This site is for the fans of video games.  There is up to date news of your favorite Nintendo consoles and games.  I have reviews, preview, etc.  written by me so you can buy your games.  I am a harsh critic.  Also, you can look at my sub-sites of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, and Metroid, and look at my cool art works.
Michael's Backyard Wrestling. I have a wrestling foundation is this little town and we have 30+ episodes ofWrestling Madness.  It the official site of the most popular wrestling company in Arizona.  This site has great pictures, MBW records, and the very episode in detail for you to enjoy.
These are some of my orginal creations and are not copyrighted.  So all of the names and companies that I mention in this section are not copyrighted by me and I have nothing to do with the respective company.  This site is just humor for me and my friends so please don't cry.  So just like I said, I make fun of my friends a lot because quite frankly they deserve it, and if they won't, well, so what.
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Wecome to Gayja: If you like Chesse, then you are Welcome Here!!
Gayja: The Source of Everything
WWE Round House -- This is where you can find my source to all of the kick butt action in the WWE ring.  Here is the latest news all of the kick butt wrestling that everyone loves.  I soon we be in the WWE, lol.
Gayja: My World
Capman -- The Advantures of Capman is kind of a spin off from the SUMS program that was made into a comic.  You know you want to click the link and find out the silly and crazy adventures of Capman, so what are you waiting for?
Poetry Corner --  oooooooo, Michael can write poetry now.  He thinks he is all that and bag of chips, well that me what you something, he is.  That is because he is Michael the Magnificent, and he can do eveything you can do, but only BETTER.  So click the link.
Omar Land -- Omar Land, the land of the naked men of Omar's dreams.  If you don't know Omar, let me give you a history of him.  He is one of the stupidest people you could ever meet.  And that is about all you need to know.
Red Hot Chili Peppers -- The Red Hot Chili Peppers is the greatest band in the world.  Not only can they rock out in concerts but they can music better than anyone else because they are for the music.  So click the link if you are a Chili Pepper fan.
News Around the World --  This is a show that is hosted by John Spike and Joesph Mccrakin.  They only recorded one episode because they are now in prision for crashing into a UPS.  I tell you those UPS trucks are very hard to see.
Cloud People -- Marth and Roy are brothers in a small town in the clouds.  See what their adventures mean to them.  Learn from their moral of their stories.  And laugh threw all of the funny things.
Stupid Friends -- This is one of the favorites on this website. Here, I make fun of my friends, and also find their own personal websites that they didn't want you to see.  It is the funniest pages on the site, enjoy.
The Gayja Show -- Where the heck did this site get its name, I'll tell you.  The Gayja Show.  This was the first thing that was made for this site.  It stars, Gayja and Bob.  They interview guests on their talk show.  Very funny.
Deer Adventures -- Deer are stupid.  Turtles are fun.  Elks are clueless, and Queso's are gay.  Anyways, this is a little page that was made long ago, that stars a Deer that has adventures.  That is pretty much all you need to know.
Art Works -- Here you will find all of my sexy art works made by the most greastest artist in the world, me.  I love to draw things, actually, I like to draw video game characters. But still I am cool, so you better visit.
This is Me --  This is me on top of a tree.  Can you see me, can you see me.  'Cause I can see you, standing in the room.  With your pits that reak, kinda looks like a broom. With all the signs that point to Miguel being gay, both Brian and Russell say hurray.
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With the reopening of the SUMS site, I had to show this picture, you just knew that they were just asking for it.
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Updates Coming Soon    updated by The Magnificent  at 1:04pm    Tuesday, October 26st
Hey, well sorry that there hasn't been any updates on the website.  I have been working on my Zelda game during all of my free time.  The demo is going to be released on Friday so after Friday expect major updates.  Including: New Pictures in the ASU website, comments on SUMS, and Capman being put back up.  So sorry about that.  I also want to work on Omar Land.  I have some stuff I want to put on.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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Remember, Just click on the link to enter the page that you want to go to.  I suggust you go to all of them, but that is just me.
The SUMS Site is up    updated by The Magnificent  at 10:33pm    Sunday, September 19th
Well it still needs a lot of work, however, I put the pictures up for you guys to enjoy.  Sorry for the delay. :)
Anyways, The ASU site is next on my agenda, followed by Douglas Years, then work on the MBW.  I actually plan to add all of the episodes on there this time.  Also, I have like a hunrderd of picures the MBW.  Sweet..... :)