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Here it is, the Magnificent website that I call ZeldaITG.  In this site there are 4 sections: The Video game, pictures and Stories, My BackYard Wrestling, and WWE.  This is the Zelda Classic section where I will show off my very own video game, The Legend of the Zelda: The Hero of Dreams.
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This is my personal website for me and my friends.  The video game news and games are from their repected sources:  Nintendo, GCAdvanced, etc.  This site makes no profit and it only me and my friends and I am not involved with any company.  And Zelda Classic is a program from Armageddongames and the game Hero of Dreams is made by me, however, I am not getting any profit, I am just making it because it feels nice to finally make my own game for people to play.
This is a my most popluar site called Gayja. It is full of jokes and pictures of my life. Click on My World to see the pictures (300+ pictures). The most popluar is a my talk show called the Gayja Show. There is also Stupid Friends where I make fun of all of my friends, and of course the smash hit, Omar Land.
This site is for the fans of video games.  There is up to date news of your favorite Nintendo consoles and games.  I have reviews, preview, etc.  written by me so you can buy your games.  I am a harsh critic.  Also, you can look at my sub-sites of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, and Metroid, and look at my cool art works.
Michael's Backyard Wrestling. I have a wrestling foundation is this little town and we have 30+ episodes ofWrestling Madness.  It the official site of the most popular wrestling company in Arizona.  This site has great pictures, MBW records, and the very episode in detail for you to enjoy.
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*I am making the page for the demo right now. This Friday the demo will be up.
*Well I am finished with the 5th level but still trying to finish the demo. You think you noticed that I haven't been updating that much.  When the demo is released I will be back to updating this site.
*I finished with Autumn Town and the Graveyard, the Sixth level is my next mission.  That should take about three weeks to make because of the mountains.
*Right now, I am starting to make the fourth level.  That me just say that this game is huge.  I didn't know that this game was going to be this big, wow.
*The Levels in this game have different themes.  So each level is very unique in there own way.  And every level has my own custom main guy.
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Here is a new picture from my game, The Hero of Dreams.  There will be a demo of it coming out at the of October
Working on the new look.  Sorry if links don't work..
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