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Who is Menla?

Menla Thangka

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Who is the Healing Buddha or Menla?

Who is the Healing Buddha, or as he is called in Tibetan, Menla? What is his relevance to us today? And finally what is he doing on a website devoted to Reiki?

For direct answers to the first two questions, we can turn to Dr. James Sacamano who has studied and written extensively on Menla and the Menla Practice. In the article referenced below he gives answers to the first two questions. Those answers provide the rationale for Sangye Menla occupying a few pages on Reiki Net.

Why Dr. Sacamano? There are many fine minds who have explored this topic and practice, a scant few of whom are mentioned on the Menla Resources page. So why choose him? Having launched this website, I realized that the Menla section was woefully "thin". Literally the same day I had this thought and the wish that I could find a discussion of the questions mentioned above, an email appeared in my in-box. As I read it, I realized that not only had my request been answered, but in a clear and thoughtful way, as if I had given the author specific guidance as to exactly what I wanted.

That email contained an article by Dr. Sacamano at

Click here to read this cogent and insightful exposition into the meaning of the Medicine Buddha.

For some additional information, click here.

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