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This is me
Stats or some crap like that
Name: Erika
Age:  25
: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (not on a farm for those ready to ask)
: Ya know, if you can't tell by the name maybe you should stop and think about where you are in your life right now, are you happy there?  Oh yeah, to get back on track, Female.
Marital Status
: Single, aka 3rd wheel, 5th wheel, etc
Fav. Food
: Pizza
Fav. Soda:
Dr. Pepper
: Jackie, Linda, Jake, Chuck, and some others that used to be really close. Check out the friends page.. OR ELSE!
Non Friend
s: Angie, Penny, Crackwhore Andrea & the devil
Fav. Tv Show:
Friends, CSI, Buffy, Simpsons
Fav. Movies: Scream Trilogy, Adam Sandler movies, LOTRs
Family: 1 Mom,: 4 Older Brothers, 2 Older sisters, many neices & nephews
Pets: 2 doggies
Fav. Book Outsiders / Harry Potter/ To Kill a Mockingbird/BuffyVampire Series
Things I Like: Painting, Making movies & music videos, Dying my hair, Laughing, Driving in my car, Bowling, Hanging out with friends, spending money, making fun of everything.
Things I Dont Like: People who drive on your ass, people who can't drive, murderers, kidnappers, crackheads! People who only complain, people who don't complain enough, people who complain about other people complaing and can't just let them say what they feel.  Living with Panic Attacks and other General Anxiety Disorders and people who don't get that panic attacks are REAL, and I'm not 'just nervous' yeah.. i'll just nervous you right in your frickin' Eye!!
  I enjoy music like there's no tomorrow.  My favorite band is and always will be Weezer.  I also love Ozma, Blink 182, No Doubt, The Donnas, Green Day, Sublime, MxPx, Elvis, and much much more.  So many more that i've used the bottom part of this page to add other bands that have a special place in my heart. Just scroll waaaaay down.
311, 88 Fingers Louie, Aerosmith, Alien Ant Farm, Alkaline Trio, Ann Beretta, Aquabats, Ashtray BabyHead, Ataris, Barry White, Beastie Boys, Beatles, Ben Harper, Benjamins, Better Than Ezra, Bif Naked, Bikini Kill, Blink 182, BloodHound Gang, Bush, Cake, Catch 22, Collective Soul, Cranberries, Crowded House, Cyndi Lauper, Cure, Deftones, Descendents, The Donnas, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Evanescense, EyeLiners, Fastball, Fenix Tx, Fiona Apple, Five Iron Frenzy, Fountains of Wayne, The Flys, The Gadjits, Garbage, Get Up Kids, Go-Gos, Goat Punishment, Goldfinger, Green Day, GutterMouth, Halo Effect(Mpls), Hi Standard, Hippos, Homegrown, Janis Joplin, Jewel, Jimmy Eat World, John Lennon, Jonny Lang, Juliana Theory, KillJoys, KoLS, Kleenix Girl Wonder, Lagwagon, Lenny Kravitz, Less Than Jake, Linkin Park, Lit, Live on Release, Living End, Long Beach DAS, Me First & the Gimme Gimmies, Mest, Millencolin, Alanis Morissette, Mr. T Experience, Nerf Herder, New Found Glory, Nirvana, Nixons, No Doubt, Ozma, Patsy Cline, Pearl Jam, Pink, POD, Poe, Pollen, Radish, Raincoats, Rancid, Red Light Bandits, Reel Big Fish, Refreshments, Rentals, The Response, Rival Schools, River City High, Rivers Cuomo(solo projects), Rolling Stones, Rufus King, Rx Bandits, Sarah Mclachlan, Save Ferris, Saves the Day, Jill Sobule, Space Twins, Special Goodness, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, Sugar Cult, Suicidal Tendencies, Sum 41, Super Furry Animals, Superdrag, Switchblade Kittens, System of a Down, Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants, Tori Amos, Weezer, Wheatus
Here are some more bands I like to listen to
If there's a band missing that you think I should put in here,
Let me know and I'll consider it. 
Here I am at about 3.  I don't remember why I was crying but I imagine it was pretty important.  My parents would always take pictures of us kids when we were crying and promise to show the neighbors what terrible children we actually were.
Yep.. we are soooo the coolest people in the world.
This was the last time I got to babysit for my nephew Alex.  It wasn't because I dyed his hair, it was because I dyed his hair blue.  .... some parents.. yeesh.
Here are some of the things I have painted....including my hair.. I get bored, so i usually take old skateboards and hubcaps and put album covers on them.  Just click on them to make them bigger.. OR ELSE!
Less Than Jake
My lovely green
a different spin on
the Sublime sun
Me by Weezer's tour bus with the weezer board I painted & they autographed!!
No Doubt
Me with a faceful of crackers after another weezer show
Sublime Sun
This is a guitar I painted full of pictures from Lit's a place in the sun album..  I'm hoping to get better pics soon
Yay la la yay ayal yallya ayaya lya yayya yla la lal la
This is me and my audition for Sting's Desert Rose video.  As you can tell I'm not in the video, but sometimes I still dress up and pretend I am.  I was sooo much better than the thing he got to do the video.  *Sigh*
Arf Arf!  I love Erika!
How Cute Is My Dog?  His name is Weezer and he just turned 3.  They grow up so fast!