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I was going to write a long overdue Rant about the Hall of Fame but it will have to wait. There’s too many other things going on that need to be addressed.
Let’s begin with the Red Sox. I know I have my share of Red Sox fans friends and much like ignorance breeds racism, so does ignorance breed hatred between Red Sox and Yankees fans. Most Red Sox fans that I have ever known assume Yankees fans (or genus high and mightious) are cocky, arrogant, know-it-alls that will root for a winner no matter what. They’ll only crawl out of the woodwork when the Yanks make the playoffs. “Where were they in 1989-1992 when New York was pitiful?” they would say. 
As for Yankees fans it is impossible for most of them to understand Red Sox fans. Those Yankee fans that are also New York Rangers fans used to have some taste of what it means to root for a team that can’t seem to get it done (1940!). But Mark Messier and the boys took care of that in ’94. Therefore it can’t possibly compare to being a Red Sox fan. I defy you to find one alive that coherently remembers their last Series win (1918). To many Yankees fans the Red Sox fan (or genus depressus) is one born out of sheer stupidity. “Why root for a team that has never won and will never win?” they ask.
The fact of the matter is; there are just as many stupid Yankees fans, per capita, as there are moronic Red Sox fans and a surprising number of intelligence on both sides. So for all of those Yankees fans that shook their heads at the “Yankees suck!” chants around the Super Bowl and parade, there were just as many that responded, “Yeah? Patriots suck!”
That being said, this is not intended to anger Red Sox fans as much as it is to commiserate with them (as much as a Yankees fan can). So here we go…
What the hell is Trot Nixon thinking? In case you hadn’t heard, the Red Sox right fielder was angered by Manny Ramirez’s absence on the first day of voluntary workouts at Red Sox camp. It turns out Ramirez was taking a physical that was required by the company that insures his hefty contract. So what did Trot (nice name. It would be cool if he hit a lot of home runs, like say, as many as Manny Ramirez) do? Rather than check with the manager or anyone involved in player personnel he went straight to the press to complain about Ramirez’s apparent apathy. Among other things (you can read it on any sports news site) Nixon said the Red Sox will never beat the Yankees because people don’t show up late to Yankees camp. Well, Trot, actually people show up late to camp every year in just about every camp. The only difference is, nobody cries about it.
Since when did great team chemistry become a pre-requisite to winning the World Series? Let’s go back a few years. The 12-step program that was the ’86 Mets hated each other. The ‘92-’93 Blue Jays hated Robby Alomar (or maybe it was I who hated Alomar). Do you really think McGwire, Canseco, Stewart and Eckersley went on vacation together in ’89? The ‘77-78 Yankees were just a disaster. Of course then there’s the ’79 “We are family” Pirates and the ’87 Twins love-fest. But you know what wins World Championships? TALENT!!! ’79 Pirates? John Candeleria, Kent Tekulve, Dave Parker, Bill Madlock and Willie Stargell. ’87 Twins? Frank Viola, Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti, Kirby Puckett and uh.. ahem … Tim Laudner. No? Ok, Dan Gladden then?
As much of a prima donna Ramirez seems to be, the Indians won all those division titles because of him not despite him. If I were Nixon, I’d thank my lucky stars he’s on my team and the ownership is willing to pay his salary.
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