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9.9.03 - Redirect

I bet you're wondering what happened to the old message board, aren't you? That is, unless you're just surfing half-complete, semi-competent Geocities sites. Either way, you've come to the right place. Or you will, anyway. Here's a link to another forum guarenteed to rock your... well, you know.

Oh yeah, the link. Here.


4.21.03 - Deja vu

Thinking that maybe I should use my site access for good rather than... well, nothing... I decided to hijac-- er, add an entry to the site. Everyone seems to be wondering just what the hell is going on with the Message Boards. So in the meantime, here's a link to a forum some of us wouldn't mind hijac-- using. Hopefully this won't expose my HTML-oriented ineptitude.


1.30.03 - Hmmmm....

Tumble weeds blow across the dusy road .... Clint Eastwood stares at a mangy looking rascal. "It's awfully quiet around here part'na. ... To, quiet ...."

Hell, you could at least say, "Whee, DMC2!!!!"

-Angsty Gensh

1.10.03 - FF Overload

Big news for all the FF fanboys out there. FF I+II has been renamed Final Fantasy Origins for the English version. Here are a few screens.

FF meets Metal Gear Solid
First.FF Town.Ever.

It seems there are some "interesting" job classes in FF Ten-Two. Gunner, gambler, pop star, and mascot are among them. Another interesting note is that job classes can be changed mid-battle.

Final Fantasy Adventure remake or the aptly preferred Seiken Densetsu remake is shaping up to be a formidable GBA title. You heard it here first that this will be the BEST RPG on that system to date, if the storyline isn't altered too much. Why is that? I consider it among the top 3 GB/GBC games ever made and certainly one of the best RPGs that the little portable that could has ever offered. The GB title, made in '91, stands on its own today. You like classic Zelda and Secret of Mana, don't you? Why not locate the orginal (approx. $15) and see what you have in store.

Japanese Mag Pic Ad for FFA

DOA XTreme Beach Volleyball has garnered a Mature rating instead of the expected Teen rating. An interesting word is located on the back. It's "Nudity", start salivating now!

Also, check out my Boss Survival FAQ for Metal Gear Solid 2 on Xbox.


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1.09.03 - Miss Us?

Hi. Hanzo's flown to Aruba, so I'll be assisting with updates for the interim. Lucky you!

A new version of the GBA, the SP, will be released in Japan on Feb 14 for $105 US. The case is a cosmetic-style flip-top half the size of the original GBA, with a backlight and rechargable batteries standard. All current GBA and most GB/GBC carts will be compatible with the SP. The most persistent worry among gamers thus far is with the bulk (or lack thereof) - in an age where "ergonomic" is a household word, the tiny SP is an iconoclast.

Sony has announced that Rambus-developed chips will be paired with the recently-announced Cell processor in certain Sony products. The most obvious utilization is with the PS3, although a Cell/Rambus Discman might be hot!

Also, good news for those without an XBox - Splinter Cell will be coming to the PS2, GCN, and GBA. This, along with the PC version to be released later this month, should sate most FPS fans.

Finally, Namco is pulling a Square, almost - they will primarily focus on the PS2 in 2003. Supposedly, GCN and XBox development will not be completely ignored, however.


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