The Site:
This site was created to promote the resurrection of the dead.

As a tool to re-introduce you to the ideals and lifestyles that can set your mind and other living things free.

Veganism (animal liberation), Environmentalism (earth liberation), Militantly Intervening (direct action), Straight Edge (freeing yourself from society's lies and poisons), Feminism (gender liberation and bringing the natural strength of womyn that has been stolen.

Bringing it back) and D.I.Y. (doing things yourself, and bringing yourself back to you)

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About me:
Im not real interested in talking about who I am, where I live etc. Those facts don't matter. If you wish to contact me and find those things out, then feel free, but other than that I will not write anything here about myself other than the fact that....

I am vegan for the animals and their liberation. Not for some dietary reason (to make myself healthy) or for some status of being "scene". I believe in direct action and animal liberation BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. If you care to understand where Im coming from, I recommend that you read, "A DECLARATION OF WAR" by Screaming Wolf. There is a link on the INFO page. If you're interested in ordering it, contact me.

Earth Liberation is important. How do you expect to liberate animals and then put them in a polluted, destroyed, and contaminated environment? Not only for you, and for Mother Nature and earth, but also for the animals. Their land is being consumed and devoured by the second. Help preserve it.

I believe in living a poison free life and not passively either. How can one have control over self when they oppress their minds and bodies with poisons (drugs) and death? It's impossible. How can one have 'self'? And also, how can one directly fight for the animals when their bodies and minds are being destroyed by filth?

I believe in minimization. Reducing the use of things. I don't over-consume, and I try not to do things which are not necessary for my survival. Obviously, I use the computer as a tool for certain things that I need. But that doesn't justify anything. Ultimately me minimizing the use of things that have been brought on by enslavement of animals through their slaughter and rape may not change anything (which is why people need to understand militancy and direct action).

I am anti-ameriKKKa or any other countries rules and pride. I will not believe the lies that countries feed to people. I will not live by a flag or have a flag define my beliefs or me. People need to wake up and realize what they are fighting for doesnt even exist. If you're interested in a good writing, go to the INFO section and download the race traitor writing. I've written it out so people can have an alternate view on the U$A.

I am a feminist. I believe in 100% womyn liberation and male liberation also. Although most people will fail to realize this, males are also oppressed. Society has programmed both sexes to act, dress, think and be a certain way, a way to fit the mold of what it is to be man and womyn. Both sexes need 100% humyn liberation. Its just that womyn domination is more abundant and, personally, I feel it is a larger issue. And its not just realizing that you're being oppressed or that society thinks less of you because you are a womyn or a piece of flesh or a "chick", "bitch" or "pussy". It's fighting back, taking back your strength and re-building yourself in your true nature. Taking back womyn-hood, taking back your strength, freeing yourself from labels and expectations of what a womyn in this world is, how you dress and how you're supposed to look and act and feel. Its finding yourself all over again and realizing who you really are and not putting up with any more standards. On a more intimate issue, I want to say that just because you're a feminist, it doesn't mean that you have to believe in abortion and making more female porn or anything of that sort. I truly believe that indulging in porn is self-exploitation, and abortion, even with any excuse is wrong. Unfortionatly we live in a society that is messed up, and completely unnatural so motivation to rape and kill and not take responsibility comes hand in hand with the type of place we live in, so its a result of something that isnt natural. Personally for me though, protecting all innocent life is part of my ethics and veganism, and compassion as well. I BELIEVE THAT ALL INNOCENT LIFE NEEDS TO BE DEFENDED! Whether that be animals, innocent unborn/born babies and children (and I say children because they dont have a choice of what to think or what to eat) once they have crossed that line and know whats on their plate and what they're doing, then I will not protect them. In my eyes, anyone who murders or rapes an animal, indirectly or directly is GUILTY.

FINALLY, bringing back D.I.Y. relying on yourself to make your own things, and knowing that YOU can do things YOURSELF. Too many people have that "privilege" of having someone do something else for them. Whether it be making someone do your laundry, clean your house, make your clothes, do your art, having people research things for you. People have become completely lazy and unwilling to challenge and use their mind for their own creativity. You need to know that you can REVIVE yourself to do things for YOU. Not only does it bring satisfaction but its fun and creative and a big learning experience. I do understand some people dont have time to do D.I.Y. things, or dont know where to get those resources on how to make things yourself, so I will try and provide instructions from either myself or other Internet sites or book instructions. Also, I will be making things myself and I will put them on this site incase anyone is interesting in purchasing them. I am not trying to make money off of people, but doing something that I enjoy, and if I can help by making something for someone who cant do it or doesnt have time, then fine. If things were free, id do it all for no expense, unfortunately, that is not the case.

x live vegan x

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