2005 - The new longsleeves are out. Please visit the fire of life website under links for more information.

JULY/15/04 - Info/Links added & the new zine added! It's titled: The Delineation of Callousness. A rant regarding veganism, environmentalism, feminism, straight edge and why militant. There should be a new zine out (ISSUE#2) at the end of September

JULY/4/04 - for some reason my site has been linked to different search engines (which is good) but under the description it says, " Pamphlets regarding veganism, feminism, and anti-violence. Also links, mission statement, news, and contact information." i will make it CLEAR that this is a misinformed statement when it says, "ANTI-VIOLENCE" reviving X diy is in NO way AGAINST violence. violence against animals, earth, and womyn just because people think they can abuse them due to their "superiority". BUT violence towards animal abusers, earth abusers, and any abuse towards anything/anyone who mistreats innocent and oppressed creatures/movements, yes. that violence is NECESSARY. so whoever put that out there, please take it off.

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This is the beginning of REVIVING X D.I.Y. In hope to bring alternative items and ideals. I probably wont have much going on here for a little while. My goal is to bring DIY to you, and motivate and bring it back. I will be making all things VEGAN.

vegan candles
vegan soap
vegan incense
bead neckleces, etc
DIY bags
DIY femyle menstruation pads

I DO plan on distributing information PUBLICLY so printing out things, getting more zines, pamphlets, information out will be in the process. It will be something that i want to take out to the public while tabling FIRE OF LIFE and MANTICORE. This is something that i am doing completely SOLO but it will be a branch of all these things.

MANTICORE - This is the main distro I run, so feel free to check out the "links" section and run through the 'manticore' site if you're interested in vegan metalcore/hardcore. We are in the process of re-stocking right now so whatever the site lists may or may not be there, just email and ask and feel free to make requests.

FIRE OF LIFE is about community. There used to be three people doing this. And now I'm the only one left doing this on occasion with a help from a partner. Reviving is something that I branched out to do but still am putting more focus on Fire of Life/Manticore. Regardless ALL the info on this site and the al-akbar.net website (the other distros) are the same and shared. Whatever you find on here or on the other sites I have so feel free to check them out. As before the information wont change but will grow. There will be information regarding MANY things. All interests, all struggles and all movements. My goal with this as well as FOL is not to limit things to 1 opinion but many. Not only to my interest or things I may agree on, but things other people can find for themselves or them agree on. Tabling: pamphlets, zines, information etc regarding many issues. Veganism, Militancy, Feminism, Gender Liberation, Ethnic struggles, Religion Issues, many other struggles/movements, etc. Also, there are shirts on animal liberation/straight edge that FOL have desinged. If you stay on the links page and go to 'FIRE OF LIFE' section, it should be there.

FINALLY this site will have information in english & spanish about/regarding:

Straight Edge
and anything else i can think of.

When i get my things done, ill put the p.o. box number
so if anyone is interesting in purchasing anything or
has any questions or requests, they can feel free to write. Or you can just email me.

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