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"Our aim is to link us together as we prepare for our 25th Grand Anniversary Reunion in the year 2003."

December 2001 Edition
Alive and Well in New York

Wonder what happened to our friends in NYC after 9-11?  Let the picture do the talking......

It's a Girl !!!

Jim & Rosalie (Diego)-  Hannigan is very happy to announce the arrival of their baby girl, Katelin Rose.

Congratulations Jim & Rosalie!!!

Bobby Reyes - Dec. 2 
Solly Diaz - Dec. 8
Arnel Macalinao - Dec. 12
  Roger Isleta - Dec. 19

Please notify us if your birthday/anniversary is not on the list.  If you know other celebrants please notify us, too.

Whose Teens 
Are These???

Click Here

Can you guess who the parent of these two great-looking teens (Khristine & Richie)???

Happy Anniversary !!!

Jovito & Susan Jovito's 16th - Dec. 8
Rolando &  Lina's 16th - Dec. 9 
Bong & Malou Santos' 10th - Dec 11
Riz and Dana's 14th - Dec. 20
Ariel & Editha's 17th - Dec. 25
Janet & Fernando 13th- Dec. 28
Willie & Elvira Torres 's 14th - Dec. 28

Extra Torresian

Sir Jimmy Roque

Once a scout, always a scout. Sir Jim is one of the best scout leaders whose camaraderie  extends beyond the scouting years.  Let's read this email from Sir Jim Roque.....

Buddy to Buddy
  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

Please help us find the following buddies:

(Still) Wanted:

 Maybelle Limasing, Rogelio Isleta, Bien Cruz, Ester Trilliana, Emma Nicholas, Yolanda Wines, Elena Villalon, Caroline Palero-Torres, Bong Lauza, Nenette Kit Cruz, Antonio Ocampo,  Rainier Virgino, Susan Prado, Mario Mendoza, Benilda Inocencio,  Rodel Lachica, Rioben Guzman, Nora Villanueva

If you have information on them please let one of us know

Newly-Found Buddy

Evelyn Alcaraz-Muallil

The English-1s are coming out fast and furious.  Paring Erick managed to get some information on Evelyn in this email that he sent.  Hope we'll get her picture soon.  We will give you an update when we get more info and her email, too.

Welcome aboard, Evelyn!!!


Can you make out who's in this Grade 6 photo from Melchora Aquino?


We have preliminary contacts with the following found buddies, we are just waiting for their profiles, pictures, email address, etc.

Olive Griarte Seña (E1),  Dolly dela Cruz Ramos (E1), Moses Sta. Ana (SS turned M2), Tess Samson, Arnela Villalon (E1),
Myrna Canlas (E1), Precila Concepion (SS-V), Joy Banzon (E1)


Hanging out in Soho are from the left: Romeo, Christopher, Manolo, Victor and a friend.

(Thanks a lot Victor for sharing this snapshot)


Whose Teens Are These???

Merlie Sugay Leocadio (E1)

Merlie's 19 years old daughter, Khristine Joy 

Merlie's 17 years old son, Richie Dick 

- Thanks for the pictures, Perlie! -


Newly-Found Buddy

Evelyn Alcaraz - Muallil, E1

Peace and every blessing!

I don't know but I feel ecstatic everytime I "discover and find" a
batchmate.  Dolly sent me a text message yesterday telling me that she has
found Evelyn Alcaraz - Muallil, E1, ex girlfriend of Edmon Liao.  I sent a
text message to the number given to me.  It was a blooper!  It turned out
to be Joy Banzon's number (E1 din ba siya?)!  Anyway, Joy sent me the right
cell phone number of Evelyn who readily answered back and told me that she
just finished talking to Edmon on the phone.  Hmm . . .

I tell you, batch gatherings, big and small, are occasions for real
temptations.  Old flames are on the brink of being rekindled.  Believe me!

She married  Henry Muallil, a native of Tawi-Tawi and Zamboanga who was her
officemate at USAID, on May 25, 1994.  Evelyn is an accounting graduate
from PLM and is now a full time housewife while her husband, a structural
engineer, heads a consultancy firm.  Their abode in Kamias, Quezon City is
colorfully lit up by the presence of an only son, Henry James, who will
soon turn eight and studies at Torch of Light Learning Center.

Funny but Evelyn dreamed of becoming a nun when we were in high school.
She has remained a Catholic 'though . . . while her husband embraces Islam. 

From Reverend Father Erick Santos


Extra Torresian

Sir Jimmy Roque

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 08:44:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Jimmy Roque jim_roque@yahoo.com
Subject: Greetings from a fellow Troop 85'r
To: henrique@info.com.ph

November 15,2001

Dear Father (Paring) Erick,

Greetings coming from a true blooded Troop 85'r.  Thanks to Alumni.net plus another source who, by chance, had passed on to me an Email address where I got to know about the whereabouts of ex-Torresians, particularly about a sub-organization closest to my heart- Troop 85 that is. Thanks also to Kaeskwela.com, the THS batch 78 webpage co-spearheaded by four of the most talented Troop 85 boyscouts of batch 78- Eric Santos, Val Buzon, Felix Paradoand Rey Bisda. How can I forget these personalities, they are the outstanding  scoutleaders of the batch that immediately followed us- our group composed of Egay Loteria, Noel Maninang, Jun Narvaez, Reggie Labi, Al Vitangcol, Ric Carpio and Nestor Fuertes. (Where are they now? I am thirsty for news about them, the whole Troop 85 and particularly Sir Rudy) 

After more than 12 years of working in the Middle East and Singapore, I have decided to come back and settle down with my family in the place where I grew up. What a coincidence, my eldest son Jason happened to be a student of Manila Cathedral College and he was telling me a lot of good things particularly about a certain  Fr. Erick, the parish priest and college president. I must have been really busy with my work that in November of last year, I didnt take notice of the news my son was telling me-there was a certain Sir Rudy who's coming to the school who will be given a special Birthday Party and tribute by this certain Fr. Eric. 

It's only when I had chanced upon Kaeskwela.com that I found out that these two are special persons who have been part of my young life, Sir Rudy Gutierrez and Enrique Santos, a Troop 85 comrade.

I wish you well and Sir Rudy and I hope to see you soon, Will there be another Troop 85 homecoming this year? I remember that Sir Rudy's birthday is Nov. 17, it's this coming Saturday na pala. Please Email me if there is any plan  this day for Sir Rudy, I'll cancel all my appointments just to be there.

Your long lost fellow Troop 85 Scouter and friend,

Arch. JIMMY S. ROQUE (Sir Jim of Troop 85)
THS Batch 77
Ang Sulo Editor 77
Troop 85 Jr. Asst Scoutmaster76-77

email address: <jim_roque@yahoo.com>

Sir Jim is third to the right from Sir Rudy, behind Fernand and Felix.


Retro-Photo from Melchora Aquino's 6th Grader

Can you identify the following batchmates in the picture?

Nelson Ceña
Olive Griarte
 Ester Trillana
Mariano Musngi
Philip Mangay
Noel Flores
Zaida Tangug
Merlie Sugay
Edna Adriano
Liberty Rueda
Edgar Luce
Perlie Gonzales
Violeta Villanueva
Noel Cabug
Moises Sta. Ana
Bienvenido Cruz
Edgar Atienza 

Photo was taken during a school program.  Guess who are the two (2) girls

We like to thank Perlie for digging into her treasure chest to scan and share this picture. 
Your the best Perlie!!!


It's a Girl !!!

Hello Friends, 

How are you all?  I hope you are all in good health and doing well. 

It's been a month already since I became a mother to Katelin Rose Hannigan. 

I have finally found some time to get in touch with you all and tell you more about our new baby girl. 

Here you go... 

Name:  Katelin Rose Hannigan (Please see the spelling carefully) 
Birthdate:  October 27, 2001 
Birthtime:  6:16 PM 
Weight:  7 lbs. 8 oz.
Length:  19-3/4 in. 
Appearance:  Full head of jet black hair (from Rosalie) and irish white complexion (from Jim).  Needless to say and without being bias, she is simply GORGEOUS! 

See for yourself with the attached pictures of her taken the next day before Katelin is 24 hours or 1 day old.    Comments and questions are welcome.  Please e-mail them to me if you dare.  (Nekobe@aol.com)

I will e-mail updated pictures as soon as they are available. 

Stay well everyone and have a Great Holiday! 

Love and Peace, 
Rosalie Hannigan 

Congratulations Jim & Rosalie!!!


Fr. Erick Santos  @ henrique@info.com.ph
Felix Parado   @ lex_parado@yahoo.com
Rey Bisda  @ rbisda@osfinc.com


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