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Welcome to my HomePage!  Check back now and again as I update the game background and characters I play.

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UPDATE: 6/9/04
My players ended the campaign I was running, started well over 5 years ago.  It was a fitting end, and I look forward to playing as a player for a little while

Retired Characters:
Retired Campaigns:
This campaign came to a quick and abrubt halt.  Someday I look forward to reading the ending to the old players.
The Stalemate Kingdoms:
Ffaff the Ffooter This fairy creature has learned the way of the Ffaff and strives to find a worthy Patron to serve to the end of his days.
Dyson: My first Psionic Character from the  Psionics Handbook.  I hope to bring him out of limbo someday.
Prism Gate Returned! Damien was crushed, and his Dead God master ascended to the heavens.  Now what will our adventurers do with their nemesis destroyed?  Simple, create a new foe to fight!  But first, I want to be a player for a bit and leave the DMing to my honey.
ElKoro Helpi: This was a fun character.  A wanna-be Paladin.  See his background and Pics!
Korel: I always wanted to play a meglomaniac mage with an Ego complex.  Check this guy out.  You won't be dissapointed.
Rage: Poor Rage met his untimely demise at the hands of some nastly flesh eating tentacled monsters.  We miss him.
Obo Bo: My oldest charcter.  Now a 33rd level uber Barbarian Mage, he is currently retired.
Bryce: I created this character based off ElKoro's delimma of having a famous father.  But as he is played longer, he has been developing a personality of his own.
Miles Aemilius Evodius Roman centurion who has developed a special bond with his patron Deity Mithras.

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