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Post: 12/28/08 - Clever lead-in

Last post of the year goes here. Check out our TGE stuff for a surprise.

Post: 8/28/08 - Pwomises, pwomises

I promised TGE: Episode 10. I have delivered...

Episode 10.

And yes, I know that's all you're here for. Don't apologize. Go read.

OTHER NEWS: Basically, I've got a few To-Do's I need to check off my list. First up, move this mess to a blog, where it's not just difficult to navigate, it's impossible!. Second... write more. Or really, revise more. Get more Goonvangelion out. Actually have a presence beyond being tied to a welding machine and the unholy amalgamation of Axis-powers technology wrought with American know-how. Confused? Good!

Post: 3/3/08 - More Irregular Updates

I won't lie to you: This update is late due to writing. Actual writing. Well, re-writing. Okay, okay... revision. We're revising... Oh, about a thousand pages of text. Transforming it into prose, putting about 250 pages through a real ringer, aiming for perfection... that sort of thing. It's keeping us extremely busy, so don't expect anything like 'weekly' updates any time soon. More news to come, but probably not for another month. Thanks for hanging around, we'll see you for episode 10.

Post: 2/8/08 - Soapbox Hell: Election Nonsense

People lie.

Politicians lie. Reporters lie. Newscasters lie. I'm not being generic, I'm being inclusive. I'm not picking on anyone here, I'm picking on everyone... who lies The entirety of the official and unofficial news coverage of this year's U.S. election is one big, gigantic, stinking of wad of lies. There's nothing else I should have to say at this point, but I can't resist grandstanding. Hey, it's an author thing.

It's been noted by medical science that you only have to do something about twenty-one times for it to become a habit. How many times do have to hear a lie (presented in absence of counter-evidence or even suspicion), to believe it is the truth? Assuming news coverage and advertisements (on television alone), last from January through the end of october, and assuming you hear maybe one every other day, that's still 330 times MINIMUM, that you're hearing lies. Lies, lies, and damned lies. How many times before you start to believe some of them? You'll hear the same lie way more than 21 times before you cast your ballot. Do you have the time and resources to be sure of the truth at all? Do you?

That's about the long an the short of it. There's a website out there, can't remember the name (but google is your friend, people!), which dissected just a few claims made by a few politicians over a short period of time regarding just a single issue... and found something like 900 distinct, clear lies made by all parties in the matter. Nine hundred!

I'm going to pause here and take a minute to boggle again at that fact.

... Okay, I'm back.

What is the point, I ask in this storm of deceit, is there in voting? In even pretending to make an informed vote? I stand now in total absence of even a chance of knowing the truth of any statement made by, of, or regarding anything on the ballot sitting on my desk. Is it really responsible to vote in these circumstances?

If you didn't know gasoline was flammable, is it responsible to throw a match on a huge pool of it to find out?

Is it?

Thanks to Nugar (, and his excellent People Lie for getting me to think about this.

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Chronicles of War By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
The world's greatest assassin is on a quest to pry the world out of the iron clutches of an unimaginably powerful group of power-mad conspirators.
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Three Goons in Eva By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff, John Genoni, a.k.a. The Anchor, and Andy Mucha, who doesn't get a cool alias yet. ;-P
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The First 100 Ideas By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff
As it happens, I come up with story ideas. Said ideas are stored in a dark corner of my hard drive, overgrown with the dust of frail organic memory and lost in the sticky cobwebs of distraction. Thankfully, some text remains to explain what the ideas may once have been. They will be posted irregularly, ten at a time, here. Due to technical issues, the first several batches have not appeared as planned.

Minor multi-part stories

Brother: The Korindoth Saga By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff
Dragonball Z meets Chronicles of War. Massive fight scenes. Internal monologues. Massive fight scenes. Alien races conquering worlds with hand-to-hand fighting techniques. A must-read if you're into stories with lots of ki blasts.
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Eva Wasn't Built in A Day By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff
A seven episode ode to Eva, a remarkably good take on a classic idea, and all-around good read. It is finished and currently under heavy revision. Only Chapter 1 has been revised completely, but the whole thing is here for your enjoyment.
Chapter 1: Picking up the Pieces
Chapter 2: This is Not What I Had in Mind
Chapter 3: (Presently unrevised)
Chapter 4: (Presently unrevised)
Chapter 5: (Presently unrevised)
Chapter 6: (Presently unrevised)
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Neon Genesis:Immortals By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff
Inspired in part by Waters Under Earth (no link at the moment), and also in part by the music of Broken Arrow, this is one scary Eva fic. Worth a read to kill time if nothing else, and should I ever continue to write it...
Episode 1: Death From Above!
Episode 2: Reckoning
The Traveler By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff
Infinite worlds. Infinite possibilities. Infinite adventure. Finite writing time. Besides being the only complete Ranma 1/2 fic ever crafted by Yours Truly, this story is the first of a long series that encompases innumerable planned stories and crosses over with several other stories hosted on this very site. This is the first story in a long series where the Traveler visits various alternate versions of well-known anime universes, always saving the world in the nick of time. More will come, I promise!
Episode 1: James in Nerima

Short stories

Blackness By: John Genoni, a.k.a. The Anchor
One-shot set loosely in the Star Wars universe.
Darkness By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
Originally an Improfanfic starter, this strange tale involves spacecraft, kids with guns, and quotes from Shakespeare. Not bad, but a tad too complicated for an Improfanfic story.
Durankov Drafts By: John Genoni, a.k.a. The Anchor
This one was an idea that I suppose I could call inevitable. Based on characters from the coming-soon-but-probably-not-too-soon epic Chronicles of War, this fic is about a group of crazy assassins and how they do their hiring. A real good read, through and through, very funny and not as trashy/psycho/full of dirty langauge as one might think. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
MST Parody By: Andy Mucha, and Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
More complete insanity, useful when remembering our roots. Read this, and understand why we named our party 'Insanity Productions.'
Episode 1: True Blue
Reason We Fight By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff
It's short. It's weird. And it's an Utena fanfic. Need I say more? Yes, only read this if you're more than a little drunk.
The Cloak By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
My first experiment with present-tense prose.
The Pants From Last Week By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
Sometimes things don't always turn out how you want them to. Thankfully, this failure was brief.
Revolutionary Girl Osaka By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
A Revolutionary Girl Utena/Azumanga Daioh fusion. Bizarre yet cute. Osaka as Utena. Yomi as the Rose Bride. Chiyo-chan as...but that'd be spoiling it. May be more episodes in the future!
__Episode 1__
Untitled By: Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
A test of my dialogue skills. No, the story isn't untitled, the title is 'Untitled.'
Vengeance of the Cheesy Fanfic Crossover By: Andy Mucha, and Jared Waddell, a.k.a. Rick Spiff.
Insanity. That's right, insanity. Massive war, huge fight scenes, thousands dead... and this is in the first episode BEFORE THE BAD GUYS APPEAR. Hey, I said Insanity, didn't I?
Part 1


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