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Getting to know me:

I'm a 34yo Sagittarian who loves life. I love the out doors, I love people and I love reading. If its new, I'll try it, if I've tried it I'll talk about it. I have a dynamic and philosophical disposition...

You'll notice a few new changes for 2005...

basic facts:

-I live in the Inner City of Sydney.

- I have a great job as a Paramedic Ambulance Officer.

-I am blessed to have a wonderful family, great friends both here in Sydney and all around the world.

-I have many and varied hobbies... including the study and practice of mysticism, esotericism and the French language. I love music, art and good books. One of my great loves is cooking....

-The highights of 2004 we my 2 overseas holidays to New Zealand and to the USA, and my term as Master of the Sydney Rosicrucian Lodge.

Thanks for having a look at my site, feel free to drop me a line....

people know me better!
(C) September 2005.
Sydney, Australia.
The Mystic Path
I was formerly a member of the Operations Branch of St John Ambulance. These days, St John  is my main charity I give to. I do belong to the Eye Hospital Branch as well.  Check out their website for further info...

Why am I so damn positive? Why am I deeply content with my life? Why am I so damn energetic? How do I 'know' stuff?  Why I'm kind of philosophical?
I attribute most of this to my study and practice with the Rosicrucian Order. Through it,  I have furthered my education, found greater harmony in my life and have reconcilled my spirituality. The Order is not a Religion, but a fraternity of higher learning, good living and Love; Free from dogma, open to all who really want to get a handle on their life in a practical way; it offers a proven method of getting to know and master yourself and your life...
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A memorial
Mysticism of the Rose Croix
Ric and Anna 15/1/05
Le Droit Humain is known as the International Order of Co-Freemasonry. It has perpetuated the traditions and practices of pure and antient masonry since 1893. In the Lodges of Freemasonry Women and Men find the exposition of a practical philosophy of living as relevant today as it has been in ages past. As a Freemason for 12years, I find the practice of freemasonry  inspiring, uplifting and a positive force. Within my Lodge there are men and women from all walks of life who share the same desire for illumination and service, to the glory of TGAOTU and for the perfection of humanity.... to learn more, click on the logo or email me.
Ric and Hugo,
Melbourne Spring 2005