Here you will find answers to some of your questions concerning the
Kid's Clothing Exchange. If you do not find the answers to your questions
feel free to send me an email of any question you might have.

Q:How does this Exchange Work?
A:Very Simple, Exchange your gently used children's clothing for gently used children's clothing.It doesnt have to be bags full, even a small bag will be fine.

Q:What if I would like to select my own clothing?
A:At this time, I am working out of my home. In the future I would like to have a place that I can offer people to come in and choose thier own clothing bundles. So I will try to pick the best clothing bundles and feature them online for you to choose from.

Q:How do you recieve donations?
A:Most of our donations are from people like you. We rely on families who have any clothing available to donate so that we can continue to help other families in need of clothing.

Q:Do you pay us for our donations?
A:No, we do not pay for donations, nor to we charge for clothing.

Q:What kind of donations do you accept?
A:We can use anything child related. Any gently used clothing from ages 0 - teen years. Including special items like strollers, bottles, pampers, blankets, anything child related.

Q:Where can I drop off donations?
A:At this time, all drop offs are scheduled with me. I will provide two drop off stations, and meet with you preferably on Sundays. Drop offs are set up at this time at Highland mall, in the Macy's Parking lot and at HEB on William Cannon and IH-35

Q:What if I dont see anything for my child?
A:We get donations in all the time, please check back with us often to see what bundles are added. Or you can sign up for our mailing list and get updated as soon as bundles are in.

Q:Why do you have limits on bundles?
A:I want to be able to help as many families as possible, and sometimes I get requests for many of the same sizes. So to be able to help more families with clothing, there are limits in place so that I can give out more bundles to more families.

Q:What are the limits on bundles?
A:We have a limit of one regular bundle, per month. We also have a limit on special items, two bundles per month.

Q:What are the condition of the clothing?
A:Most clothing comes to us as gently used. I would suggest that you wash all clothing before wearing it. Mostly cause some donations have been stored in garages or attics.

Q:What are incomplete Bundles?
A:From time to time I get donations in that have a couple of full bundles, and there are some outfits left over. I will place those incomplete bundles with an (*) so that you are aware that they are incomplete.

Q:How do the incomplete Bundles work with the limits?
A:If you take one incomplete bundle it will not count toward your limit of one bundle per month. And you will be able to get another full bundle once more clothing has come in. You can not take a full bundle and an incomplete bundle, and if you take two incomplete bundles, they will count as a full bundle.

Q:What do I do if something doesnt fit?
A:I try to make all the bundles according to size. But I know sometimes kids grow different and some clothing is made different. If your bundle has any clothing in it that does not fit, please feel free to contact me and I will work with you to get a replacement outfit.

Q:What if some of the clothing doesnt match?
A:I try to provide you with 5 shirts and 5 pants/shorts. Because sometimes matching outfits are hard to come by, all clothing will be matched up the best that I can do. But some bundles will have items that dont match. You are welcomed to not take that bundle and wait for more to come in.

If you have any more questions for me please feel free to email me at any time.

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