Submitting a Request

If you are requesting clothing for your child please fill out this form and we will contact
you in the next few days to schedule a pick up time. All pick ups are scheduled
for the Weekend. I prefer to meet you at a location in South Austin, but I will be willing
to meet other locations if you will just let me know. Please be sure to fill in
the correct number for clothing bundle. If you are only requesting a Special Item, please
give that information at the bottom of the form. If you have any trouble with the
form, please send information to

We ask that when submitting a request, please keep in mind that we are an Exchange
group. So please try to offer your own gently used clothing in return for your request.
We understand that in some cases you may not be able to exchange,
and we ask that you let us know so that we can work with you. We do
not want to turn anyone away when you are in need of clothing.

*Please remember that requests are limited to one regular bundle per month
and special items are limited to two a month. Contact me if you have any other
requests concerning the limits. We would like to be able to offer other
families the chance to bundles also.. Thanks

Right now all pick ups and drop offs are scheduled on
Sundays at 2:00pm at the HEB on William Cannon and IH-35.
Please make arrangements to meet at this location.
Times and days will change after the new year. Thanks.




Phone number:

Please list Bundle Number:

Are you requesting a special item:

List Special Item Number:

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