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Philip J.  Zamora
To My First Born:

The moment you were born, Dad and I became a family.  You have always been the tie that binds for the family.  You taught me everything I know about being a mother.  What can I say, you were
not, the average child.  You had autistic abilities when you were small.  You began reading when you started to speak.  You had a photographic memory and could give us street directions all over the city. You and I have always done things to the beat of a different drummer.  You were homeschooled, and had some traditional schooling too.  You are a self learner and have always sought personal perfection.  Your the genius of the family.  How could anyone, write anything, without your help!  Your nose is always in a book, reading or writing.  Your the best.  I love much.

Love Mom

Philip is a very talented writer.  He wants to be a movie director or screenwriter someday.  He is well versed in many areas.  Phil is a clean freak - except when he cooks! We tell Phil, he would do well living in a prision - he loves spareness in his surroundings.  Phil always has a story to tell, even if he's just been riding the bus or walking at the fitness center.  I know he wants to make movies someday - but someone should make a movie about him!  If you've never met Phil - you've missed out on something.  He's the hit of the party - if your bored just watch Phil.  He can make the simpilist things so comedic.  If you ever have a hulla hoop around, when your next to Phil, just ask if he knows how.  His movements are priceless. 
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