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I would like to share, a little about myself with you.

I am conquering breast cancer since December, 1995 and I am mighty proud of this!  I live in Florida, I have a wonderfully supportive Family, Friends and I have FIN = FriendsInNeed. FIN is my main supportfamily online and we call ourselves Awesome Angels.

Why you ask are we Awesome?

Well, because we care and share ALL the time, there is no other love and support online like US!!!

Being a breast cancer Survivor, I would like to share the treatments that helped save my life with you.Stem Cell Harvest and Transplant=SCHT, that I had at Duke University in September 1996.

Read about my breast cancer journey by clicking the links on the left.

I hope that my experiences will help you on your road to recovery!!...Sassy

"Courage is not Freedom from Fear, but Freedom to Fear and to go on"
author unknown
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