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Stories by
Andrew Huang (Link)
Stories by
Axel Terizaki (Link)
Stories by
Chris Burke (Link)
    I am Myself
          Parts:   1   2   3

    Rei's birthday present
          Parts:   1   2   3

Stories by Christopher Angel
Stories by
Conley Roberts
Stories by
Daniel Snyder (Link)
Stories by
Dante Abbey (Link)
Stories by
Darren Demaine
Stories by
Toh, Ee Loong
Stories by
Godsend777 (Link)
Stories by James Grabowski / Sephirius Endymion (Link)
Stories by Joyce K. Wakabayashi (Link)
Stories by
Tam, Ka-Wing (Link)
Stories by Ketheres Elyion (Link)
Stories by
Lara Bartram (Link)
Stories by
Myssa Elaine Santos Rei (Link)
Stories by
Strike Fiss (Link)
Stories by Roy Whitford
Stories by
T. L. Webb (Link)
    Together we Stand
          Book 1: Together we Stand   Prologue   1   2   3   4   5   6   7
          Book 2: Divided we Fall   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13
          Book 3: Carpe Diem   1   2   3


Stories by The Jusenkyo Guide (Link)
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Author links
    Heaven's Gate
    Host Sparky's stories ("Ascent of the Fallen" and others), as well as an extensive list of NGE fanfic links. Unfortunately, those haven't been updated in a long time and many may no longer work.

    Random's Anime Fanfiction
    Webpage of the excellent and prolific master or lemons, miscellaneous pairings and NGE fanfic writer, Random1377. I can't really point out any specific stories, his stuff is all good ^_^

    Rei's reading space
    Home of a few NGE one-shots and the "Evangelion: Gnosis and Revelation" series, by Ketheres Elyion.

    Shinji and Rei : The Unspoken Romance of Evangelion
    Ryan Xavier's website and home of his most interesting story, Angels of Armageddon as well as several Shinji/Rei stories.