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Yak Aik Wee is a multi-disciplinary artist who recently graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, with a Music Diploma majoring in Composition with Distinction. His studies there were supported by the National Arts Council (Georgette Chen Arts Scholarships).

Prior to his music studies, he served as an Artiste with the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company, performing locally as well as at overseas deployments like Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. As actor and dancer, he has appeared in various stage and TV productions, including Guys and Dolls, Kampong Amber, Growing Up, and Child (with Tammy L. Wong Dance Company).

His compositions have been performed publicly since his first year at LASALLE-SIA, beginning with Local Composers’ Concert 2001 and Music Box 2001. Besides being featured at concerts, his music has also been used for theatre, dance, and installation art projects.

Public Performances

Sound Design and Music for The One-Sided Wall, a play by Janet Cresswell and Niki Johnson.  Performed by inspired 3rd-year Theatre Arts students of LASALLE-SIA and directed and co-produced by Samantha Scott-Blackhall and LASALLE-SIA.  This was staged at the college's Studio Theatre from 25 to 27 August 2005.

A 30-minute neo-classical suite for GHOST, an interdisciplinary performance project by Crow Jane.  This site-specific work was performed in The Living Room @ The Arts House during 22-24 July 2005.  GHOST was a collaborative project that involved 6 local artists of varied disciplines.  The 6 collaborators were also the performing cast for the show that featured choreography and direction by Crow Jane aka Joavien Ng; multimedia design by Choy Ka Fai; lighting design by Helmi Fita; dancers Ebelle Chong and Neo Hong Chin; and music by myself.

Original music and soundscapes were composed for 3 dance pieces in FireBall, a showcase for dance and inter-disciplinary art organised by Ecnad Project in April and May 2005. The 3 dance pieces choreographed by Joavien Ng, Ming Poon and Kon Su Sam were all highlighted in reviews.

Sound design and music for Lonely Planet, staged in November 2002 at The Guinness Theatre at The Substation. The play was produced by luna-id productions and was directed by Christian Huber (Best Director, LIFE! Theatre Awards 2000) and Samantha Scott-Blackhall (Best Director, LIFE! Theatre Awards 2004).

In the same week, on 5 November 2002, a soundtrack had also been created for Wardrobe of Memories, an artwork installation by Aleksander Obradovic at Earl Lu Gallery, as part of his Master’s Degree graduation project.

The Hole In The Wall, premiered on 2 August 2002 at Victoria Theatre, as part of LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Performing Arts School’s 2-night public concert, Ménage à Trois. This project was the college’s first major collaboration between the 3 performing arts school (Music, Dance and Drama).

Peacock & Chandrabhaga, were commissioned by classical Indian dancer, Raka Maitra. Based on original traditional accompaniments, these two pieces were incorporated as part of her solo recital; “Mistique of India”, which was performed at Montgomery Performing Arts Centre, Washington, on 15 June 2001. Mistique of India was organised by IDEA – Indian Dance Educators Association.

Nocturne premiered on 8 April 2001 at Singapore Art Museum as part of Music Box Festival 2001, which was organised by The Esplanade and National Arts Council. Nocturne was selected from the this festival to be performed for the Singapore President.

Selections from Nocturne, was performed at Singapore Art Museum on 11 April 2001, for the opening of The President's Young Talents Exhibition. We had the honour of performing for the President of Singapore, His Excellency, S.R Nathan on this occasion. These two performances were performed by members from The Philharmonic Winds.

White River, Love of the Beast premiered on 20 January 2001 at Victoria Concert Hall. This piece was performed by The Philharmonic Winds, conducted by Robert Casteels, recipient of the Plantin Prize in 2001 (Antwerp, Belgium) and former Dean of Performing Arts at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts.


*note: My family name is "Yak".  For Chinese dialect names such as the one I have, the traditional and correct placement of the family name is at the front, unlike those of Western fashion.  My given name is "Aik Wee".  The concept of the "middle name" is usually non-applicable for Chinese dialect names.  As such, I should either be called "Aik Wee", or "Mr. Yak". - Aik Wee


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