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Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz
sound design and original music for theatre play
produced by luna-id productions in November 2002.
"...Also deserving of credit was Yak Aik Wee's intelligent sound design that touched the feelings rather than intruding on the ears." - Matthew Lyon, The Flying Inkpot Theatre Reviews

The Hole in the Wall
featured in LASALLE-SIA's public concert Ménage à Trois in August 2002
"Aik Wee's Hole in the Wall, a musical composition for synthesizers and electric guitar, may have been the only solely instrumental piece of the evening but its haunting and atmospheric sounds created their own visuals for the listeners, and showcased the creative talent of this young and promising composer." - Grace Pundyk, The Arts Magazine, Nov - Dec 2002

White River (Love of the Beast)
performed by The Philharmonic Winds in Jan 2001
"The more mature and established composers had more to offer. In postgraduate student Aik Wee's tone poem, White River (Love of The Beast), one senses a seasoned hand with a firm grasp of musical idioms and the ability to pace music with movement." - Chang Tou Liang, The Arts Magazine, May - June 2001


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Aik Wee - Music

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