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Flag of Celestial Being

The series is set in the years 2307-2312 AD of the Gregorian calendar. During this time, fossil fuels became exhausted and the distribution of fuels became imbalanced. Humanity must rely on an array of solar power generation systems orbiting the Earth, and supported by three orbital elevators, each one pertaining to one of the three "major powers" on the planet.

The Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations (世界経済連合, Union, World Economic Union), centred around the United States and consisting of the Organization of American States, Australasia and Japan, control the elevator located in South America. The Human Reform League (人類革新連盟, Jinkakuren, Human Reform Alliance), centred around China, Siberian Russia, and India, and including the member states of the SAARC (excluding Afghanistan and Pakistan) and ASEAN, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, the Korean Peninsula, and Taiwan, control the elevator located in the Pacific Ocean. The Advanced European Union (AEU), consisting of Iceland, the islands of the Barents Sea, Greenland, Anatolia, European Russia and the entirety of the traditional continent of Europe, control an elevator built in the middle of the African continent.

With this infinite source of energy benefiting only the major powers and their allies, constant warfare erupts around the globe for fuels and energy. The nations that rely on fuel have plunged into poverty. Many believed that solar energy threatened the "promised land of God". The chaos lead to the formation of a private military organization, called Celestial Being (ソレスタルビーイング), dedicated to eradicating war and uniting humanity with the use of four humanoid machines called Gundams. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 follows four mobile suit pilots termed Gundam Meisters ( ガンダムマイスター), sided with Celestial Being. The protagonist is 16-year old Setsuna F Seiei (刹那・F・セイエイ), a quiet, taciturn young man who grew up in the Kurdish Republic, and a Gundam Meister for two years. He pilots the GN-001 Gundam Exia, a high mobility mobile suit effective in melee combat.

Setsuna & Friends

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Main Characters & Cast

Setsuna F. Seiei

Lockon Stratos

Allelujah Haptism

Tieria Erde

Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Christina Sierra

Feldt Grace

Lasse Aion

Aeolia Schenberg

Wang Liu Mei

Alejandro Corner

Johann Trinity

Michael Trinity

Nena Trinity

Graham Aker

Billy Katagiri

Raife Eifman

Sergei Smirnov

Soma Peries

Patrick Colasour

Saji Crossroad

Kinue Crossroad

Louise Halevy

Marina Ismail

Shirin Bakhtiar

Ali Al-Saaches


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Mobile Weapons/Vehicles

Celestial Being

Union (Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations)


AEU (Advanced European Union)

Human Reform League


UN (United Nations)

PMC Trust

La Edenra


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