Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i didn't go to school. and i will not go for any lessons today. Kinda just woke up... i dont feel well.. and i dont feel good.. just wanna get out of bed and do something.. i'm thinking if i should go do some shopping or fitness First. But i'm aint sure how to go Fitness First. heh. but i just dont feel like staying at HOME! I decided i should go shopping and then fitness first! ok... bye guys...

Princess At 01:46 PM

Monday, August 30, 2004

Jason and Hafis are at my place right now. both sleeping and snoring~ dear is watching Tv outside.. and me watching a show called "Snow DOgs".. haiz.. TOmorrow got english test~ have to write an essay!! =/ cant be LAte for class tomorrow else the teacher give me blk face.. =((

cant wait to go and sleep.. i'm kinda tired but no matter how i wake them up, they will go back to sleep again!! Tsk tsk. they're plain lazy! haha. i think i should take a pic of them.. Hehe. and i cooked dinner for dear and Jason! i think it was delicious~ heh. bleah.. nothing else.. hUgzz

Princess At 11:53 PM

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Had Pancakes for lunch. =/ woke up late~ hehe.. and dear and I went to Supre today~~ hehe.. i bought 5 clothings~ and then went to have coffee! and then came home and then went to buy groceries again! dear and I ate Laksa for dinner!! it was delicious! and best of all, i cooked it!! =)) *Proud*

Fucking weekend pass so fast! tomorrow got school again~ haiz. FUcking borin. got a nuber of test this week. And i must start going to Fitness First again!!! =)) dear will send me there right? *HuGZ* anyways.. took some pics.. hehe.. HUgz!!

Princess At 11:53 PM

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Slept early last night and woke up quite late today. But i could sleep longer.. but dear fuckin' woke me up. Haiz. =(( went grocery shopping again! hehe. i lOve food~ then stayed home the whole day. What a borin' day, but it was quite ok lah. dear accompanied me quite alot. ^.- I only went to Jason's house to get some VCDs from him. These few days dear and i are crazy over Pancakes! haha. we fry them ourselves! and dear always wanna fight with me over the frying pan. hehe. and dear bought me 4 Mud muffins yesterday!! YummY!!

I swear i'll start going to fitness next week on wards! =)) argh. I am trying so hard not to go shopping~ i dont wanna waste money. hehe. i wanna study too. heh. Hopefully my parents will come over soonz. haiz. i miss them. if they could bring Bryan or Pebbles over, i'll be soo glad. My b'day is coming and i duno what to do. haiz.. i miss celebrating my bday in SG where i have many many presents and b'day cakes to eat! =)) haha. i sound like a Pig. well, tht's what dear calls me. bleah.

Princess At 10:48 PM

Friday, August 27, 2004

Fucking boring and BAD day. i wouldn't say why. supposed to go fitness First, but i didnt go. Wanted to go clubbing but decided not to. today is Friday and there's late night shopping but i didn't go. how borin'! i ended up staying at home alone, doing nothing, watching television and falling asleep on the fucking couch. and no one cares. i dont wanna talk about it. spoil my fucking mood.

it was damn cold today. freezing my ass. heh. school was great today. =)) woke up damn early today. around 7 am. but i still didn't go to my first class. Was at Jason's place yesterday. took some pics. heh. Enjoyzzz

Jason me and Hafis

"God of gamblers = Paul

Jason, paul and me

ths is Paul's lil' food compartment in his room. so iteresting.

Princess At 06:44 PM

Thursday, August 26, 2004

hmm.. boring day~ didn't go school in the morning cos i woke up late! bleah. CLass was kinda fun today with all my funny classmates chattering about funny stuffs. Real Funny! And in english class, most of our classmates were on friendster writing testimonial for one another. haha. it was damn fun, and teacher actually thought we were studying because all of us were typing so hard. kekez.

Went to look for dear during break and told him all the funny things that happened. =) After school, Dear, Hafis and i went to COles to do some SHopping~ heh. i bought almost $70 worth of Stuffs~ heh. ought lots of junks.. heh. YES! more toilet rolls and coloured tissure paper! and foodie of course. NOw home nothing to do. haiz.

Princess At 08:43 PM

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

been busy going to school lately. heh. but i came back earlier from class today beacuse i was not feeling well. heh. Last night we both slept damn early! and i still woke up late. heh. and was late for both classes. bleah. i'm feeling so thirsty now. haiz. and i havent been going to fitness first lately~ i feel damn guilty!! i should start going next week. =)) whatever. nothing much happened lately. Havent been going out either. no shopping, nothing. but i might go Clubbing this Friday! yippie! cant wait. at last i can go clubbing after so long. haiz.

Anyways, i have photos to share. pics of my new room and with Dear. =))

Princess At 02:48 PM

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Today i went city with Dear! heh. and i bought my Roxy jacket cum Shirt. heh. Keke. amd i showed Dear the DKNY bag.. he said not nice!! =x but i feel Dear is lying! heh. i think he just dont want me to spend that money.. =p Right Dear? =))

I feel guilty because Dear got a summon ticket for parking at a loading Bay. Sigh. He felt so upset. but i think i managed to cheer him up!! =pPp I'm at Jason's place. gonna study! hehe. =p gotta go. Hugz

Princess At 09:05 PM

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dear WeNt FoR ClAsS AlReAdY. ThIs Morning BoTh Of Us NeVeR clAsSeS. heh. =)) and i dont have lessons right now, but i'm studying now! nothing much happen.. have been spending lots of time with Dear. He's spending more time with me now. *GriNs* I'M ReAlLy sO HaPpY. KeKeZz. YeStErDAy NiGht Dear BrOuGhT mE To BuY My MuD MuFfiN! hehe. ThE LasT 2! =))

Have ClasSeS TiLl QuItE LaTe Today, BuT ThERE'S LATe NiGht ShoPpin ToDaY, mIgHt WanNa Go! =p oR MaYbE AsK Dear SeND Me To FiTnEsS FirSt~ heh. I misS ThE StEaM RoOm!! I miSs PerSpIriNg~ It'S DaMn Shiock~ hehe. I'm BorEd Now~ And TiReD. StIll Have Been SleEpIng LatE aNd WaKiNg Up EaRlY. mY Mum aSk me To gO GEt SoMe vItAMinS To eAt. BleAh. MayBe I Should! =)) BuT I LaZy To gO FiNd the CoRReCt One. ok, I'm TalkiNG BoRiNG StuFfs. Bleah

Princess At 11:07 AM

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

heh. In the Morning, i dont have class but Dear has. I purposely went to switch of the alarm and dont wake him up. =)) Class was at 8.45 AM and Dear finally woke up at 8.40AM. Yeap, he still went to school. but he left the house at about 9.10 AM~ hehe. and Dear knew i purposely off the alarm cos i didn't want him to go to schoool~ =PpPp *Hugz*

I'm kinda hungry. Ate a heavy Dinner last night though~ i might go have some Mud cake! YummY! Yesterday after School, Jason and i went to coles. He wanted to get some Groceries so i accompany him. Dear then came to shop with us and send us home! =)) **Dear is so sweet** i bought lots of cute TOilet Rolls and tissue box!! The tissue itself is pink and blue in colour! =) so sweet right? i couldn't resist not buying it. Bleah.

Gona go find my Dear in school after his Lesson! he will think i'm crazy tough. BUt who cares. i lOVE HIM!!!!

Princess At 09:41 AM

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

i Woke up late for class!! so i didn't go to school. sigh. but later i have to go!! =)) Cant believe i woke up late. haiz. i feel so Tired~ i slept more than 8 hours but.. sigh i duno! feel damn tired. =/ now i have nothing to do from now till 3 plus. sigh. hehe.

Last evening i called my Mum~ she received the parcel i sent to Bryan and Jade! My Mum liked it so Much. and my Brother called me as well. And we chit chat for a while~ i still wanna take up Golf! but Dear havent found out the price per lesson for me~ =(( i'm going to study now~ tatz...

listening to Nosebleed Section - Hilltop Hoods

Princess At 11:10 AM

Monday, August 16, 2004

Home right now! heh. having a short break~ still have class later at 12 Noon~ =)) i seriously have to sleep for 8 hours a day! my complexion is #$%^&@#$%^!! must sleep early everyday too! have been sleeping late everyday. then every Morning i feel tired. sigh. anyways.. hehehe... Might go Fitness First later~ provided Dear can bring me there. i think i shall go there alternate days. i wanna keep FIT! =))

Still awaiting the call from the Surf shop about the Bikini! i love it so much. too bad i cant find it on the website! =(( JUst did some washing again~ have so much clothes to wash, and woart of all, i have to wash them seperataly cos i'm sooo scared that the colour will come out. and i need to get an iron! heh. Lots of friends say that my hair colour is much better. hehehe. i like it too!! HUgzzz..

Princess At 11:36 AM

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hehe. Dear sent me to Supre just now! and he went SHopping with me~ heh. i Bought 6 clothings today! bought 4 Tubes!! i love them. then we went mc-Cafe to buy muffins and coffee. i didn't buy Mud Muffin!! instead i bought choc-chip Muffin! quite nice actually! but i still prefer my Mud muffin! AFter that we came home and sleep the whole afternooon till evening!! i'm still feeling tired now. =((

Gonna have spagetti tonight! yummY! Dear is gonna cook~ Hmm.. i wanna go fitness first! i miss working out. hehehe. oh well.. it's just the beginning~ =)) Hugzzz! Jason came to my house in the morning~ somehow just to see my Hair colour~ hhehe. actually it turn out ok. but kinda Duneven~ =(( but the purple is reallie purple. Eeks. but finally Dear like my hair colour. =)) That's why he Treat me extra good today~ *Winkz at Dear* BUt my hair looks like Black! it's been so long since i had totally black hair! i think the last time was when i was sec 1?! 6 years AGO!!!! heh. going to help Dear cook right now! HUggiEs

Princess At 08:04 PM

sigh. DOIng my hair colouring now! hopefully it's a Success! but i made a mess in the Bathroom! the walls are coloured now. i tried cleaning them away but it wont go away. =(( anyway.. i'm doing Purple colour. hehe. and i have to wait 30 mins! so damn long.

Dear went to Murdoch uni open house. i feel like going to the city actually~ wanna get my mud Muffins! =)) *Hungry* but i rather go to belmont SupRe!! i wanna get some shorts from there as well as a few more tubes. hehehe. i love their tubes there. cheap and nice. perhaps more skirts? hehe. we'll see. but i dont know how to go city from belmont and vice versa!! i dont even noe how to go belmont. =(( so i guess i have to go city. get my muffins! and my roxy stuffs! gonna go find the bikini as well. i'm hungry! gonna go eat breakfast now! HUgzzz

Princess At 10:15 AM

Saturday, August 14, 2004

damn TIred now. went Shopping at carousal with Xinny and Marcus. i tried lots of Bikinis! and i reallie like one that i saw on the Magazine2 weeks ago! BUT!!! They dont have my size. =( but the Salesgirl said she'll call me back to let me know if there's my size. =)) and then i bought a hairdye cos my hair colour is Fading! and then we went to Fitness First! my thigh is hurting like Hell! =(

i WANT MUD muffins! Dear dont wanna buy for me. HE NEVER Think for me. I'll go get myself later! humph! and i'm fuckin' hungry right now! havent eaten my dinner. sigh. i have no energy left. tataz.

Princess At 08:09 PM

Just got home not long ago with Dear from the Dim Sum buffet~ I feel so full and bloated right now! =// Going to Fitness First with Xinny and Marcus later in the afternoon and then going shopping at Carousal! heh. i need a decent bikini! =)) perhaps from Roxi need to get a proper bag for Fitness First as well! and more attire! hehe.

I'm trying to get pirated Dvds! hopefully they're willing to send it over to Aussie~ *Cross Fingers* i still have cravings for my Mud muffins! Jason didn't get it for me last night. =( *sobzz* Boring and tired. Dear woke me up early in the morning. and than i couldn't sleep well after that because he was watching MEanGirls!!! anyways... will blog again later... HUgggZZZZZ

Princess At 12:46 PM

Friday, August 13, 2004

heh. today's Friday the 13th! eerie!! heh. went school today and then came home. Dear went to the Doctor and then he went to play golf~ hehe. and when he came home.. he slept the whole evening~ i had beef Kuey Teow and salted vege soup for dinner today~ i've been eating that for the past 2 weeks. heh. Wanted to go fitness First today~ but kinda lazy!

Oh.. a funny incident happened! Dear didn't fetch me, Hafis and Jason to Hungry Jacks yesterday because he was busy! so the 3 of us wanted to take a Bus to carousal ourselves. we got on the correct Bus but the driver just stopped the bus halfway and left us in the middle of nowhere! the driver was off-duty! and he didn't even tell us before hand! so 3 of us walked to the next bus stop and wait for the other bus! we waited for one HOUR in the cold and it was fuckin' dark and we were so fuckin' hungry! after waiting for so long, we realised that was the last bus. =/ so we called Dear to come pick us up in the middle of that place. =)) so yeah the 4 of us went to eat Hungry Jacks! hehe. while the 3 of us were waiting for the "Bus", we chatted and laughed alot to pass time. we almost went crazy. heh

Hmm.. i changed the Layout today~ but i dont reallie like it though. heh. should have gone shopping at the city today! I'm kinda waiting for Jason to come back with my Mud Muffins! hopefully he bought for me. =))

Princess At 11:52 PM

Thursday, August 12, 2004

hehehe.. now in class.. just finished my essay test. heh. so can use the computer. Fitness First was ok today. work out a bit and then went steam Room again. hehe. then Marcus sent me home. I called my Mum and told her i joined a fitness Club~ and she said it's good and cheap and blah blah. heh. and i Begged her to come to Perth on my Birthday next month. heh. hopefully she'll come! then i'll bring her all around with Dear!! go Casino! and Spa! and eat good Food! heh. i miss my Mum!! hehe. and i got to hear Bryan again!! he's sooo ccute!! i miss him!! hopefully he'll like the clothes i buy for him. and hope Jade likes them too!

I'm hoping Dear would bring me go buy mud muffins again today. hehehe. but i know he wont. i'm damn Hungry right now! i'm gonna have early dinner! Jason and Hafis might wanna go together have dinner. they want hungry Jacks!! =)))

Princess At 4:29 PM

hehe.. yesterday at fitness first was ok. Xinny and i went for the steam. it was great! hehe. easy way to lose water weight in the body. hehe. did a lil' workout as well. and guess what, i'm going there again soonz! =)) i wanna go everyday! anyways.. Marcus go everyday~ so he can bring me along. =p bet Xinny will go everyday if i go too. hahaha.. right?? =) It's been a long time since i perspire~ and i wanna go swimming there as well!! hehe. might go today~ oops.. they're coming now!!! gtg

Princess At 10:57 AM

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

TOday it rain almost the whole day. so it's damn cold! at first i wore a skirt to school, then after that i changed to Jeans! heh. anyways.. later in the evening, i'm going for my first experience at fitness First!! i'm going with Xinny and Marcus. they're gonna come pick me up. heh. cant wait to go man! =)) i'm gonna work my head out!!! and i'll make sure i'll go at least 3 times a week! =))

dear just went to see a doctor~ and i'm going to the post office to send the presents back to Bryan and Jade! hehe. i wanted dear to bring me to buy my Mud Muffins from a Mac_cafe which has recently just opened nearby, but he wont bring me there. SoB Sob!! but he said he's gonna buy for me later! hehehe. I'm still thinking about my DKNY bag. sigh. it's so damn pretty. >.<

okies.. i have o go before the POst office closes. i have to pay my phone bills and stuffs. sigh. High standard of living!!! damn It. =))

Princess At 3:20 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

heh. went to the city today~ then rush back for my last econs lessons~ hehe. i bought 2 sets of clothes for Bryan and Jade. gonna send it back for them. hehe. and i bought myself a Roxy polo tee. heh. and i saw so many things that i reallie want to buy!!
1. DKNY bag. COst $299 and $359. i'll buy either one. heh.
2. Roxy jacket! cant find it in any other surf shops. might get the one i saw which is a lil' big for me. ($80)
3. polo Ralph jacket!($199)
4. Roxy white skirt. damn nice. heh. ($60)

hehe. they have all branded stuffs here.. but i cant seem to find armani!!! argh. anyways..i'm going fitness first later to register. and then i'll start working out! yummy! dear will send me down whenever i wanna go!!! yeah!!! Hope i can regain my figure~ eeks. *blushes*

gonna have hungry Jacks for dinner! heh. so fattening but it's ok! i'll have to reallie make the effort to go down fitness first to work out! =)) hehe. and i have watched a few more movies again! they are Secret Window, scary movie 2 (Damn funny movie, i noe it's old.), Hellboy! =)) i just realised all the movies i wanna catch have been watched. heh. have to find more movies to watch.

Princess At 6:00 PM

Monday, August 09, 2004

hehe.. just got back from the grocery store. i bought a few packet of chips and a hot chocolate mix! heh. today is quite hot and sunny! hehe. i like it!!!

Sigh. i wish i could drive!! I'm staring at dear's car keys!! feel like going for a spin. i reallie feel like!!!! argH!!!!

Princess At 12:22 PM

Was late for class today! Didn’t wanted to go so early but then Jason SMS me and said she’s giving out the exam paper!! So I rushed to school! Heh. And I only scored 69%!! Argh. Did ok for first 2 sections!! But my last section I did so badly!! Humph.

I still feel sick! Have a lil’ runny nose and a lil’ cough! Actually I don’t see the need to go to school today because they will sure be returning exam papers and I wont receive any! Bleah. I’m hungry now! Heh. Anyways… not going anywhere today. Will be home.. and out for dinner I suppose~ I feel like eating Hungry Jacks!! But I think dear don’t want. Sigh. Blog later…

Princess At 9:33 AM

Sunday, August 08, 2004

hehe.. went shopping the past 2 days except today! today went to have dim sum buffet with dear! YummY! eat until so full!!! yUm yUm. back to my shopping. on Friday~ i went FCUK!! i bought 4 t_shirts!!! and a pinkie cap!!! it's damn nice! =)) the t-shirts were priced at $39 each. so much cheaper then SG! heh. that was at a place called Clairemont. then me and Jason took a train to subiaco! just walked around the markets there.. and went to have hungry JAcks for lunch! yumyum! then took te train to CItywest (Harbourtown ). hafis came along as well.. bought only a belt and tht's it. then dear came to pick us up. then we went for dinner.. and came home to change and we went to Burswood casino. dear and hafis lost money. and dear got caught speeding by a camera on the way there.!!! sigh.

Yesterday! dear brought me to belmont! i went Supre and bought 8 clothings!!! and they cost me only $152!! =)) then i bought 2 pairs of shoes. dear and Hafis went to play golf while i was shopping! heh. reallie bought lots of stuffs. hehehe. no more shopping the next few weeks! =)) now waiting for dear to bring me for dinner!

Last night we had Hungry JAcks for dinner! hehehe.. and he liked it so much! =pPpP Im still sick and i might wanna go see a doc tomorrow after school! HUgzzzz

Princess At 6:24 PM

Friday, August 06, 2004

what am i doing today~! hehe. I'm going shopping again! hmm.. going to see French Connection~ and then a place that i heard sell quite cheap stuffs! and maybe going to supre if there's enough time! =)) i cant wait to see FCUK!! hehe.. heard it's cheap too! but who cares. whatever price i'll still get at least 3 tshirts if they're nice! =) hmm.. what else.. hmm.. flu is still on. it has been 5 days! and i havent been smoking lots. only about 3 sticks a day. think i can quit soon! hehe. will blog later in the evening. tata

Princess At 10:16 AM

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'm at the library now! just had a great dinner with dear at karawara! heh. i went to Carousal with chien Yee just now. bought quite a number of stuffs.. hehe.. Bought a bottom, 2 Jackets, a T-shirt, some lingerie and 3 long-sleeved tops. hehe.

I'm still having a runny nose! eeks. it sucks. and my nose is still blocked~ dear is also feeling really sick. hehe. Oh well.. dear told me that one year ago on this day he O.R.D~ haha.. wanted to rent some DVDs just now.. but dear didn't want. sigh. i'll get some myself some time this week. Hmm.. i wanna go SUPRE this week.. hopefully i'll be able to make it. i love their new stuffs!!!! =))

Princess At 7:06 PM

Hmm... woke up early this morning~ then went to do some laundry and pack the room~ i'm having a blocknose right now!!! and still having a cold with a slight cough. sigh.

fucking boring at home. raining the whole morning. cant even go anywhere.

today is actually a very special day. but what can i say? he's got a girl who's the most childish person and worst taste and worst attitude and proud and biggest lip gurl I've ever met. wonder how's this day gonna be like for him. i sound so bitchy dont i? but well, i cant help it. she knows shit about him. =)) and she's disgusting, and cunning, and flirty, and takes advantage of others. eeks. you guys wont understand what i'm talking about here. but some ppl would noe. oh well.. im stil feeling fucking sick. gonna slp awhile.. HUggies

Princess At 11:09 AM

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

hehe.. dear is sick now. and i'm getting better. My turn to take care of him~ sigh.. =/ but i have like a long holiday!~ no school for me till next MOnday~ tomorrow might be going shopping with chien Yee~ not sure going where. then friday going to Harbourtown with duno who.. heh. today stayed home and watch MOvies again~ hMm.. watched "NEw york Minute" , "Kill Bill 2" and "HEll Boy"!! heh. no more movies to watch already~ i'm missing shrek 2!! heard it was a nice movie~

went to meet ee lin today~ went to her place and have a look~ hehe.. nice nice~~

i slept the almost the whole day today~ woke up at 10 plus for breakfast, then went back to sleep~ then woke up at 3 plus for Lunch~ and then slp till 7 plus to eet eelin walk walk around our area~ ehe. how piggy i am right? but cant help it. i'm recuperating. =))gonna play some games right now~ might go check out some movies to watch as well. bleah

Princess At 10:37 PM

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Went to the doctors last night because i was feeling reallie horrible. ad he gave me 3 days MC~ i didn't go for my economics exam today~ might not go for my other papers as well. i have slight fever and bad headache~ i cant even concentrate on doing something. i didn't sleep well last night. whole body's aching as well. bad flu!! argh.. i've never fall so ill for almost a year?! this is bad!

watched a few movies at home.. 50 first dates, starsky and Hutch~ watched meangirls again~

dear 's at school now~ leaving me home alone~ i feel fucking terrible.. god bless me.

Princess At 3:19 PM

Monday, Augest 02, 2004

Hmm.. i'm having my first exam today!!! so damn excited! i was having a bad sore throat last night. and when i woke up this morning, it got worst. and i'm having flu right now!! i'm feeling kinda weak~ but i still have to hang on! =))

Doing last minute study for my english paper today~ heh. and i'm the only one home right now, and the door's lock and i cant get out of the house!! how pathetic. so i got Jason to get it from dear~ hopefully he can find him in school~ sigh.

Hmm.. watched lots of movies the past few days. Troy, Day after tomorrow, Meangirls, the punisher. basically i caught all the movies i wanted to watch~ heh. okies.. gtg study now~ HUgzzz

Princess At 2:13 AM