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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hmm.. i managed to wake up for my 8am lecture. =) however, when i reached there, i started to cough terribly. So i went out to avoid further embarrassment! everyone was practically staring at me. Then i came back home to have my brekkie. then slept for a while and went for my next lecture. Then i went to buy my books. $120! just for one. damn its expensive. Then went back for lunchie. hehe. Slept again and skipped my last 2 lectures.
dearie's here now. but he's playing soccer w my college people. think he's having fun. And i was just roaming around the college, reading newspapers. That's just so unlike me! im so sick!
Today was chilly. hope tomorrow will be warm and nice. And i hope i can get a change of room. There's a freaking asshole in my block!

Love me... * 5:54 PM

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Heh. beach was fun today. but we were there for an hour only because it started to drizzle!! no sun too. and the water was cold. Then came home w a few people to have good lunch at college! i was damn hungry! heh. Then about 10 of us sat at the lawn and sun tan and chit chat. After the guys started playing soccer, the lazy people on the lawn had to move away so i went to take my shower. After my shower i went to sleep. I had a friend, Bo Yuan to wake me up for dinner hehe. AFter dinner, i was on my way back to my room i saw dearie! heh. He wasn't angry w me anymore. I was pretty nice to him the whole time he was here. i love him so muchies. =) After that played pool and arcade w friends. i won a friend, JAKE in street fighter! haha. and he was the one who challenged me! =p hmm.. i also did my laundry again. hand-wash. heh.
Well, something unpleasant happened to me today. Damn disgusted also. dont wanna tok about it. tomorrow school starts at 8. sigh.

Love me... * 10:23 PM

Just had an aruguement with dearie. he came over to my place to take something and i started to argue. i feel bad. I really must change. i dont want and i hate to see dearie angry! anyway, i'm going to the beach soon. gotta go change soon. and im freaking hungry right now! Last night went clubbing with a few friends from my college! had great fun but was idiotic trying to catch a cab. =)
School's starting tomorrow! i cant believe it. its so boring. im scared. i dont know what's UNI gonna be like.

Love me... * 8:41 AM

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Had yucky lunch today! then dearie came over to my place, hanged out for a while then we headed to Belmont! Yup, Supre. heh. i bought 5 SKIRTS! Then accompanied dearie to the golf course. He played horribly today. =p Then went to our usual place, Karawara to eat "jappy food." Came home slacked then he went off to play soccer!
My college is having a formal dinner now. but i didn't go! haha. Its like eveyrone's wearing damn formal! i should have gotten a dress from supre just now. =( College friends are thinking where to go after the dinner. heh. clubbing or pubbing i suppose. =) and i have fever now. =( *sick

Love me... * 8:02 PM

i'm gonna Get FAT! as Usual, dearie and i went to Northbridge for supper. heh. Ate 2 dishes w rice. He was supposed to be playing soccer and meeting me only about 11pm, but he didnt play so he came over at 8pm. So we spnt the whole day together! TOmorrow dearie's gonna bring me to SUPRE! i hope to get nice clothes tomorrow! ehe. Will be dropping by dearie's place first then we go together. *HUgz*
Did i mention i was sick? i am. I'm having a bad flu, and i think a bad cough is coming up. and my whole body's aching! Fever is coming i think. DInner was horrid today at my college. =p

Love me... * 1:46 AM

Friday, February 25, 2005

Heh. went to lotsa places today. Had lunch w my new neighbour, then he drove me to the near by grocery store to get my stuffs. Then i went city with kiat to meet Jason~ walked around and had drinks . i Bought 2 tops, one from BUZZ and the other from KOOKAI. heh. Then went down to Subiaco to meet Xinny and Chien YEE and my fellow COllege friends. =) Then came home w another group of college friends.
Just finished my dinner. So full now. Gonna go take a shower and Wash my clothes i guess. Oh i HANDWASHED my clothes last night!! cos i didn't had change to use the washing machine. how sad eh. heh. Alrights. See you guys. Pixxies are Up soon.

Love me... * 6:45 PM

dearie just left my place! heh. he has orientation tomorrow and i dont. Well, Archery was great! haha. Though i missed a number of targets. Tennis was tiring! but i managed to sweat! haha. so can lose weight. BUT i ate alot for dinner! dearie came over to my residential for dinner. Then he was supposed to go play soccer but we both fell asleep till 9 plus so in the end never did anything. We went to have Supper at northbridge then came home. Spent the whole day w dearie today~ *happy!*
Tomorrow i might wanna go down town to buy some household stuffs. my room is so damn empty! =)) Meeting dearie tomorrow night. heh. love him to bits.

Love me... * 1:29 AM

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Oh my god, i finally got my internet! =) haha. Well, the past few days were fun man! let's see. Wed night: a group of us went to a pub. Played drinking games and i lost a couple of rounds. I was almost gone! Then dearie came to pick me up. Hmm.. Tuesday night, Had another drinking party called punch Night! They had a game where by a guy would go around with a video cam to take everyone's faces in it and the person's face that showed on the video cam while playing would have to drink! its pretty fun.
Yesterday morning was horrid. It was sabotage man. 5.45AM in the morning the seniors came BANGING on our door waking us up and made us do stuffs like running and push ups ext. sigh. And i got injured. Had cuts on my legs. Later gonna play tennis w a friend and might go archery too. =p Love you babes. =)

Love me... * 1:38 PM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Love me... * 7:40 PM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

dearie came by just now. Check on me then he went off. So tired after all the packing. now on the phone w teeyu. Such tedious work. Ive got so much things to bring over. dearie's friend called me. he's so funnY! =p we're all meeting at 8:15 at the airport. so early, so tired.
Oh and cig price increase again. damn stupid. Increase so much! lucky im leaving, and i can duty free ciggies. hehehe. =)) Boring. boring. cant wait to see kenneth and Jason tomorrow! yippie.

Love me... * 1:35 AM

Saturday, February 19, 2005

A while ago, i had long hair. Now i have short hair. I'm bloody devastated. NO ONE talks to me about my hair! God damn it. It'll take years for my hair to grow back. ARGH, fuck! hate my hair.

Love me... * 9:15 PM

I just woke up. heh. Slept about 7am last night. I was on the phone with dearie . hehe. I was at parkway with teeyu. We were just chilling out at a cafe then suddenly i've got the urge to go KTV so we headed to KBOX! hehe. we sang from 12-3am! quite ex though. BUt it was fun. sang all the lovely songs. heh.
Saw chunkiat at Parkway. He was w YEAT CHIA and gang! tht idiot change so much right teeyu? he look s just soo diff. Well, CK looks the same. Then after that came home and talked to dearie on the phone all the way. =)
im going out now. Got so much to do and i have to be home to pack my luggage! Just booked an appointment to cut my hair, ain't sure if i should go, so damn lazy. the sun's so strong. heh. might go suntanning. argh, stupid jacky ONG. =)

Love me... * 3:15 PM

Friday, February 18, 2005

I am so full right now! Just got home from dinner with dearie's parents. We had crabbie. I've been eating crab lately. heh. I was supposed to meet Teeyu and Pearl lin. But dearie made me sleep w him. so selfish! Today i bought him lunch~ we ate together at his place. Talk cock a while then went to sleep. Argh. Sorry girls. But i'm meeting them soon i think. Hmm... i need a haircut! and i have to finish packing my luggage. Tomorrow's my last full day in Singapore! haiz. Not meeting dearie tonight. Might only meet him tomorrow night after dinner. else i'll see him at the airport on sunday. hehe. If he dont turn up i can throw his airticket away! =) heh. Ok.. got to go bathe and do my stuffs. tata

Love me... * 8:14 PM

Thursday, February 17, 2005

As planned, dearie came to pick me up at 7:30AM~ i went to the range with him. He played 250 Balls! i waited for him almost 2.5 hours. I was taking pictures and video for him~! After that we went back to his place and i slept there. But he woke me up one hour later to have lunch~ came home we immediatally slept till 5 plus. heh. Woke up had dinner with his youngest sis. i gave her a few clothings which i dont want already~ not sure if she liked them.
In a while's time, i think dearie and i are going to go swimming. heh. i wanna watch movie! hide-and-seek! Feng shui! all the horror movies. so nice. So tired now. and i haven't bathed the whole day, so damn sticky!

Love me... * 7:28 PM

dearie just left my place! =) but he's coming back at 745 AM. I'm going to watch him play golf! then maybe He'll send me to TMCC~ then i'll go home myself and meet him after lunch~ so tired now. Was at my brother's place just now. Had a small gathering with my other cousins. too bad dearie couldn't go! He was out having dinner with his family~ He went to have good food! humph! and i ate alot alot of CRAB! it was delicious. heh. Going to sleep for a while!~ tataz oh and i've got pixxies again. =))

Love me... * 6:07 AM

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

dearie came back to look for me! He was around my area having breakkie so he thought of coming here before he went home. =) love you baby. but now he's gone home to sleep! and me, going to sleep soon too. I just had breakfast and im feeling so damn full now. had eggs and noddles w ice milo. ok i gtg sleep now. cant take it anymore. =) Here are photos!

Love me... * 11:09 AM

dearie Just went back home. He's late today. =( He might get a scolding. I'm sorry. =( Well, This morning i went to the temple with my Mum. Then i went to Giodano! Bought 2 Pants and 2 tops. The sad thing was, there was no discount! I was gonna get my nicorette gums today but they didnt have it there!
After that i went home, watched tv and slept. Chao and Cherie came over to east side. We hanged out at frankel coffeeshop. Chatted about so many interesting stuffs. Then they went home and a while later dearie came to my place. We've patched things up. =) Yup, we went for Supper. Then came home, he wanted a massage so yeah i did. And he fell asleep, And so did i.
Going over to dearie's place later for a swim i think. else will be heading to TMCC. Going to sleep now. =) nights.

Love me... * 6:35 AM

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Had some friends came to my place and chill and i got drunk which made the whole night a disaster. i'm really sorry dearie. But well, had heart to heart chat w cherie. Was really great to know someone better. And my dearest chao too. I missed u so much. Both my Babes*. Chao's AHhem was around too. hehe.
i guess it wasn't a great night for the guys but for the girls i think it was pretty much ok. =) But... i'm guilty. I dont wanan tok about it though. I'm leaving for Perth in 5 days time. Time's running out. I love everything's that here right now. Friends and dearie. However, once im there, it a totally new life. Aint sure how's it gonna be. I guess i really have to change if i want things to be my way.
i hate myself sometimes. Knowing i'll hurt someone w my words and action i still do it. And i'll be sorry after that. It sucks alot. I have to be sensible. I have to learn my lesson once and for all. i love what's around me right now. Everything. I dont wanna ruin it just because of my wrong-doings and insensible actions and gestures. i believe i disgust everyone around me tonight. I apologise. Sincerely.

Love me... * 5:50 AM

Monday, February 14, 2005

Hmm.. went swimming at dearie's place. dearie accompanied me while i suntanned. heh. so sweet. its so unlike him. then i slept for about an hour and when i woke up we went to have dinner at a jap restaurant. just got back from dinner, dearie's in the shower and i'm reading my cleo magazine. heh. there's so much things i wanna buy!! i love the new anna sui spring collection colours makeup! i'm gonna get it. heh. Some how i love the colour orange. so sweet. Ain't sure where we going now. everywhere's so crowded. i hate crowds! Will update soon. have fun.

Love me... * 8:38 PM

Heh. Happy valentine's day everyone. =) dearie and i went to watch aeroplanes. We chatted for a while and then went changi Village to eat supper. We shared a bowl of Noodles. =) After that he came to my place. I gave dearie the best treatment he ever received. A full body massage. Well, he fell asleep halfway. So i slept too. So he just left my place! going to his house for v.day later. Imagine cuddling up with each other. =) nights.

Love me... * 6:08 AM

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'm at dearie's place again. =p Had dinner at his place with his family` After that went to play table-tennis with his 2 sisters. I was perspiring like hell. And we played merely 20 mins. =\ Sigh. Then dearie was complaining cos i was sticky. Now dearie's watching the Man u soccer match. heh. Not sure what we're gonna do tomorrow. vday spent with dearie. but he's got nothing planned! neither did i get him anything cos he was supposed to be back only after v Day!! but now.. heh. anyway, have fun friends. =p

Love me... * 9:49 PM

As planned, dearie and i went to watch constantine. i Dont really know what's going on in the show but i think its pretty gruesome. heh. Movie ended around 1:45am. Went back to my place and chill.
Then came out to have Supper. Chatted a while again and dearie left around 5.30. =( Might be meeting dearie tomorrow but in the night. He's gonna be sleeping till quite late and he's gonna go play golffie. Took some pics anyway. Btw, our first kiss when we saw each other was awesome! =p hehe.

Love me... * 6:11 AM

Saturday, February 12, 2005

i'm at dearie's house right now. just got back from his cousin's place for dinner. Nice place they have. heh. However, i dont know anyone from there. So pai seh. Chatted with his sisters for a while~ Drank a couple glasses of wine. A lil' high. heh. dearie and i are gonna catch a movie! constantine! heh. i miss dearie so much! =)
Anyway, this afternoon i went to parkway to buy some stuffs and develop photos. Bought 2 tops from Gio! They have new colours again! hehe. i did manicure too. Saw Benjamin while i was there too. Im gonna cut my hair soon! and colour it too. =) 6 more days and im going back le. miss you guys. heh.

Love me... * 9:40 PM

OMG! dearie's coming home later! heh.

Love me... * 3:24 AM

Heh. long day. =) Woke up mid afternoon, went to suntan in my garden again. Then went to town to shop! I bought 3 pairs of shoes from X'odus and 2 tops from AX and 2 tops from Topshop. tht's it. heh. Spent about $300 today. After that went to have dinner with friends. Its been a long time since i saw them. heh. Xinglian & her partner, Wantian, Su CHeng, Shu Zhen, TingTing, Teeyu and me. Chit chatted for a while then some of them went home. 4 of us went lido and chill out at a cafe. heh. took photos too!
SOme of my friends are heading down to Chinablack and they asked me along. haiz. They said its Happening!! sigh. I saw Xinny and Marcus too! chatted a while then they went off to club and drink Respectively. Then Jeremy came by a while then he went to chinablack.
After that teeyu and i went Siglap to meet Difei. chatted a while and here i am, HOME. =( So tired now. I miss my baby boy.

Love me... * 1:01 AM

Friday, February 11, 2005

Just got home from many many places! haha. Went to Marina South to play arcade! Wanted to play bowling, but it was crowded. Then went to Sentosa to chill. And then went to Geylang. And then to east coast~ I told Dearie i want to go Sentosa w him in the night! its super romantic. heh.
Poor Dearie is really down w luck. won't elaborate. =( He'll be back soon i guess! yippie. i love him so much! He's so sweet. GOing to sleep now. Ain't sure what's up tomorrow. i'm Definatally going shopping. i just wanna buy a top and a skirt and be back for the late afternoon hot sun! hehe. Night*

Love me... * 4:43 AM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm am so tired. i sat down for 2 hours! Gambling of course. i think Luck is w me this year. hehe. first time in the last few years have i won during gambling! Think i won about $80? And i was playing Small! Just $2 each round. I've never lost more than 5 rounds and the other rounds were RUN or i Win. haha. Feels good though. But i decided to stop cos i dont wanna lose all i've won! lalalala. Fun fun. hehe. Guess i'm not going Shopping anymore!
Chao babe, you're in deep shit. haha. =x Jeremy you're a lucky guy. =p Boring. =)

Love me... * 6:51 PM

Fell asleep while watching tv a number of times last night. Dearie called me at last. We talked for quite a while. Sigh, he seems so near to me thru the phone! but yet he's so far. Few people are at my place. collected somemore Red Packets of course. Sigh.
Iím listening to Norah Jonesís first album right now and feeling very nostalgic for nothing and for everything. heh. Gonna play with Bryan now. =p I might go Shopping later! hehe. I think it's open! and no one would be doing retail Therapy today! haha. i'm going for waxing soon after CNY. gonna wax my whole body! haha. Gonna spend the remaining days of my life here like i'm a Princess! Cool*

Love me... * 1:23 PM

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Poppy poop. Writing in here is getting really fun. I just woke up from a short nap. Cherie's call woke up me. heh. I'm so tired and my body aching like hell. Babes are going Zouk tonight! i cant go, I'm really too tired. This afternoon, i slept under the sun just now for an hour. But i'm sitll not tanned!
Tomorrow people are coming to my place. I wanna go Shopping! i've $500 on hand. I don't know what to do with it. If i change it to A$, It wont be much and wont last me long. So i rather spend the money in Singapore buying more clothes! hehe.
I've been home since late afternoon, missing dearie. How silly of me. He doesn't even know, maybe he doesn't even approve of the idea. BUt i cant help can i? Its freaking boring w/o him. Everything seems different when he's not around. Hope he's doing fine. i Didn't hear from him the whole day.

Love me... * 10:09 PM

FInally home. hehe. Woke up at 8am! then stayed home w my whole family till about 11am. Then we went to the church. Then went to my Dad's office. Then went to the temple. today's weather damn hot. Then after that went to this relative place for lunch. Then My brother, sister-in-law and i went to Gelera to eat icecream with waffles. heh. Then the 2 of them had a small arguement. Reminded me of dearie and i whenever we argue. haiz.
I still miss dearie. He didn't call me for the past 2 days! but we chatted on MSN. =) love you. Hugz*
If the shops are open tomorrow, i'm going shopping!. If TMCC is open tomorrow i'll go take my golf lessons as well. 10 more days in Singapore! heh.

Love me... * 3:35 PM

Went chinatown with some friends. Actually we just drove past and look at the deco. That's it. From my place, we went straight all the way down to west coast. heh. It was quite near though. Even went past zouk, boat quay and alot of other places. I have to wake up at 8am tomorrow and im still not sleeping. haiz. Boring day tomorrow. i wanna go SHOPPING! Wth, why must the shops be close? Lazy people. heh. Oh well, tomorrow's gonna be fun! hehe. Good night people. heh.

Love me... * 4:14 AM

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm so excited about out going back to Aussie. Some how i cant wait to study. I miss my life overseas. I'm starting to feel lucky and appreciate everything i have. Not everyone has the chance to study abroad. Some people think its fun and stuffs, however its really pressurizing! you're all alone with no close ones there to help you out. Well of course i have dearie w me there. =) haiz, but i cant tell the future, or rather cant tell the future between me and him. And the problem doesn't lie with me. fuck it, its not the time to talk about this.
reunion dinner was fun. Everyone was "excited" to see me. All my aunties and Uncles havent seen me in a while. so the first thing they said when they saw me was "hey, you came back already huh!" argh, so silly. haha. but its great to see everyone there. Much of them have changed, especially the kids. oh well, tomorrow, i am going home before 1pm! its really boring. i rather come home and sleep and watch DVds. =) and pack my luggage!
going shopping on 2nd or 3rd day of CNY. i've decided to shop more in Singapore so i wont shop over there. MAybe just once at Supre. heh. to get their fashionable clothes and MINI-SKIRTS! i just love skirts. Orange colour seems so popular now. Everywhere's selling orange-coloured clothings! I even wanted to buy a orange-coloured skirt from Mango! its reallie cute and its only $55! But to think of it, Supre's cheaper! haha. and so much shorter. Right Chao/Nette? heh. my 2 babes love minis just like me.
Babes are going zouk on wed night. Wondering if i should join them. i miss them so much!! we get to see each other only a few times a year! *sob sob*
aights... have fun peeps. love you all out there. No,maybe not all, but you know who you are. =) *hugs

Love me... * 9:34 PM

Boring. today's CNY eve already. so fast. Woke up late as usual. Yesterday went town to meet friends. didn't buy anything! =) but i like the top Cherie bought, hehe. i'm gonna get it! =p bought Cookies only. took taxi home. The taxi driver talked alot man. he even thought i wasn't local. hehe. Do i reallie not look like a typical Singaporean?
Talking to Dearie on MSN now. He got bitten by a BEE!! he was shooting firecrackers at it. stupid boy. Then he went for injection. hehe. i miss Dearie.
Haiz. going for dinner soon. boring. i'm tired and my whole body aching. feel so restless. =( anyway, Hapy new year everyone.

Love me... * 5:05 PM

Monday, February 07, 2005

Haiz. Miss Dearie still. 4th day w/o seeing him. I am trying to be strong. argh. Anyway, spoke to Dearie on the phone last night. heh. happY!! then this morning i went to TmCC to swim and suntan. the sun was so blazing. so i went off quite early. Now home, was talking to Teeyu on the phone. gonan meet her i think. Meeting Cherie as well. Erm, i'm not going to buy anything! i spent too much. and Dearie bought me a top yesterday! hehe. so i need no more clothes. maybe some more shoes and bottoms.
Oh yah, its my brother's bday today! Happy Birthday! yeah tht's it. gotta go now. i havent eaten. dman hungry. huggies. oh some misc picx.

Love me... * 3:32 PM

Sunday, February 06, 2005

2 days gone at last. I'm really sad. Two days seems like 100 years! Dearie please hurry your ass back. I MISS you so much! Argh. i was so damn excited when i got your call just now! Miss your sweet voice and talk. anyway, was home the whole day. Tried sleeping longer but still woke up at 3pm. haiz. Jessica my cousin came to my place just now. chatted with her too. Fun fun. She has a bf now. hehe. Chatted with some old friends like Yenching and played sms w difei the whole night. hehe. Gonna meet them soon. both of them all busy with boyfriends! argh. Dearie! i need u here!! =p Then went to meet teeyu and other friends at frankel coffeeshop. Saw a friend there. keke. Then went to play pool at parkway. Saw Jacky and gang there. After that we went to CHangi area to see the gays. so damn pretty! but some were horrid though. Went to OCH and to see the airport too. Then went to have supper at punggol then came home.
So tired now. gonna slp and wake up mid afternoon to go shopping w Jessica. Monday gonna go TMCC for suntanning! and golffie lessons. love u Dearie! HUgs.

Love me... * 5:32 AM

Saturday, February 05, 2005

My heart's longing for someone who doesn't favour it. =(

Love me... * 10:17 Pm

sigh. Why are there so many many people int he world that are so imperfect. Is $$ that important? i mean it is in a way impt, but i really can't stand people who wanna act like he/she is rich or have the money. Maybe they got the money through means but not through those kinda ways! Bugging people to give money and buy stuffs for them. OMG. And even eating, expect ppl to pay for one. those are loathsome. Sadly, i condemn these people.

Love me... * 12:52 AM

Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm so tired! jUst go home. went parkway to meet Teeyu! I went to develop some pics and went shopping. Bought 3 mango tops for $100. heh. Spending too much!! But the tops are nice though. Then we went fish and co for dinner. Ate till quite full. Sat for a long time, then we went to Kenbangan cc to find Jx and Foen. Then Linlin came down. 5 of us tok cock. Foen is damn funny. heh.
Life is so boring w/o Dearie. =( thinking of going suntanning tomorrow! so damn boring at home. haiz. My mum ask me to help her w the housework. She knows i'm bored w/o dearie. hehe. And my dad got his new car today. and he bragged that it was leekuan Yew who bought him tht car. heh. its bigger than the old car. can watch DVD in the car and the engine can start without the key. how amazing! haha. nice nice. sigh. Dearie come back soon!

Love me... * 11:57 PM

Dearie is gone! he wont be back so soon. =( Lucky its CNY next week. will be pretty busy w stuffs. Gonna pick up golf and go suntanning often during this period. No more Shopping for me as well. Think i bought more than enough. hmmm.. Today Cheris and Jacky came to my place! then Dearie came after that. Jacky went off to settle some stuffs so left the 3 of us. We went Bedok to eat. then came back "played" golf w Dearie. Jacky joined in too. He plays damn well for a first timer. heh. tomorrow not sure what to do. haiz.
ANyway, my net's not up yet.. can only use for 10 mins?? So i played Gunbound with Jason a few rounds and i couldnt play anymore. Sigh. oh well, think tomorrow i'll go sun tan the whole day! then meet Teeyu if she's free after school. =) nights peeps.
Dearie i will miss you TERRIBLY! its the first time we're gonna be apart for so long. love u. HAppy 9th month anniversary in advance.

Love me... * 2:50 AM

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I bought a voodoo doll top today! and i have got my air ticket. heh. Meeting Dearie for dinner later. He's gonna come over in 2 hours. that's like superr long. haiz. watching TV now.. *BorEd*

Love me... * 6:02 PM

After dinner with Dearie last night in town, we went walk walk. then came back to my place. Dearie wanted to watch the 9pm show. After that just continued watching ER and without a trace. Then he left. Dearie's going KL tomorrow. and will only be back the week we're leaving. that's like 15 or 16 feb. Almost for 2 weeks i wont be able to see Dearie. sigh.
During this period, i'm going to play golffie. and sun tan more! and exercise! My weight is 48KG now. I wanna lose 3 more KG! =) Anyway, today i'm gonna collect my Airticket and arrange for airport pickup and erm go cineleisure to get skirts. i saw one that i like, might buy 2! its cheaper in SG than Aussie!! I dun want to shop in AUSSIE!!! Save save. =p Will meet Dearie later when he wake up. feel like going suntanning now! the sun is just right. not too hot and not too bright.

Love me... * 11:06 AM

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

At my Brother's place again. haiz. Still no internet. =( This morning i went to Tanah Merah for a swim and tanning session. heh. but still no difference! the sun was so hot. Dearie was supposed to come pick me up! but he didn't wake up in time. i'm still angry w him. But at least he knows he's wrong that's why I might forgive him. Later would be going for Dinner with Dearie in town. might go to American club.

Yesterday went lunch with Dearie at Tanah Merah club. we ate jappy food. heh. then i went to meet Teeyu and Jason in town. I bought 2 Armani tops again. =)) then went to have coffee and then went Cafe Cartel for dinner. we 3 ate till dman full! Had a hard time getting a cab home! idiotic. nothing else to -update-

Love me... * 4:27 PM

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