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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just played a short Mahjong game w friends. Had a packet of noodles with bubble tea! yummy. Went to the city with dearie just now. like for 45 mins. heh. then saw Charlene and Adrian over there, so gave them a lift back as well. haiz. Its so damn late right now. I still dont feel tired. dearie's sleeping soundly already. sigh. Went for driving lessons today. boring. Oh celebrated Jake's 18th Birthday. Had a couple of drinks and chit chat and nice music. And we all saw this pretty doggie. Its almost a metre tall! and its super cute. Oh man, i wish i could keep a doggie here. =(
dearie's leaving on this sunday and wont be back till next Thursday. sigh. gonna miss him alot. guess i'm gonna be so bored next week. good time to study and catch up on my sleep.
I'm lost. i duno what to write anymore. i wanna go shopping!

Love me... * 4:03 AM

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm in love with the song Tong Hua by Guang liang. And i'm learning it on the piano too! At first learning it on the piano was for dearie, but i've decided, since he doesn't appreciate what im doing for him, i'll learn it for my own sake! =) and the next song i wanna learn is Canon in D. It's super nice! heh. Well, ive never learnt piano in my life b4. *heh
Several people's bday has passed. had celebrations too. Pictures too! =)) I decided to go back to singapore during my 3 weeks holi break. Again, i was suppose to wait for dearie to make up his bloody mind but now i decided to go back on my own. I realised i've been with a guy who is totally not my type at all! ok maybe not totally. but it sucks having to change myself to suit him. Why the fuck should i change myself just to suit his way right? if he doesn't like me the way i am, it's his problem. i thought about it for so long and i've decided. Since he doesn't treasure me now, it'll be his loss afterall. hehe. how evil of me. but whatever. i'm a normal typically girl who wants love every second minute? i don't see the need to force anyone to meet me or talk to me, esp if that person is my boyfriend. *ponders
Anyway, i slept reallie late last nigh (5AM) cos i was playing the piano, trying to master the song with the help of my friend. But i was studying too! Missed lunch and had late dinner. so full. I stole a bottle of nutella!! hehe. Banana mixed with nutella is superb. but it's damn fattening lah. I've got tonnes of pretty songs now. love it!
and i kinda hate driving now. it's like so tedious. i dont enjoy driving at all. I think i need my driver for life. heh.
College life is getting more and more mundane. but its somehow getting spicier here and there. but i dont have time for them all. I need to study now. going to take a smoke, a bathe then listen to my ilectures. heh. then play piano w Aeris! yippie.
TO LILING : i'm putting on weight!! heh.

Love me... * 9:15 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2005

I slept alot the past 2 nights. hehe. Tomorrow's a holiday! no school! yeah! oh crap. Yesterday went to have dinner outside w dearie. What we had was a lousy dinner. Then we went to have bubble tea. Then came back home. Went to have another round of bubble tea with his friends. Then went to have some drinks and sing some karaoke. fun fun. Came back to dearie's place and slept. Now waiting for dearie to bring me out for dinner again. hehe.
i want to drink bubble tea again.

Love me... * 6:27 PM

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Doing tonnes of maths now. i hate it. argh. test early in the morning! Then have to come back and study for my bio and another maths test on Fri. =( Then week end study for bio and complete my Psychology report of 1500 words! i havent even started a single word. shit. i'm so dead. i hate work!!
Back to good things. heheh. had my first official legal driving lesson. I drove to the city, where it is the busiest place. there were so many cars and ppl were staring at me like i was a freak. but they were friendly. They said HI! haha. Well, its pretty nice and fun to drive, but it's so stressful. so many points to take note of. argh. esp the one where both hands must be on the wheel. oh man, i can never get tht right.
thinking of going for an hour walk now but i dun have time left so i'll skip that. and im thinking of donating blood. hmmm..

Love me... * 7:59 PM

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yeah! first driving lesson tomorrow. heh. dearie is cooking noodles. haiz. so bored. =( got 5 test the next 2 weeks. shit.

Love me... * 11:57 PM

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just got back from supper with dearie. i'm so damn full now, just feel like sleeping right now!! Spent the whole weekend w dearie. had nice and romantic dinner on sat night. =)
Today, we had inter-college soccer match. So i went there to support. of course dearie was one of the players for his college. But too bad, my college won all the matches that were played today! yeah !! haha. we had BBQ dinner there and it was freezing cold. The match were all interesting.
DIdn't do any study this weekend. i have to study lots during the weekday. Gonna wake up early to study on my own but not going for lectures. maybe one or two. I've got a report of 1500 words due in 1 week time. =(( have to rush and rush. i cant wait for my first driving lesson. its like bloody hell i have to wait so long. argh.
I'm putting on weight. ive to eat less and not eat supper anymore. dearie's making me so damn fat. argh but i still love him. heh. Went jogging on Fri and today. i have to go more often. think i wont be joining the gym. waste of money! HEH. boring. i hate mondays.

Love me... * 12:50 AM

Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm rotting. Just finished my laundry with the company of carene and lester. heh. dearie's gonna play golf tonight so i'm all left alone.
Forgot to mention that i've got my Learner's Permit at LAST. First official driving lesson is on next wed. I've to wait so long. sigh. Drove A couple of days back w help of some experienced driving friends. heh. My room's super clean now but it's still messy so i've gotta go clean up soon. And i might go catch up on some sleep~ =)) i need to study!!

Love me... * 3:02 PM

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Went shopping thw whole day! i'm so tired. i bought too much things. in the afternoon, went to belmont w shiwei. Obviously, i went to Supre! bought some clothes from there. Bought lotsa food stuffs too!! it was all cheap. hehe. Bought a pair of boots as well. heh. Then came back, had dinner at college then went to Morley with college ppl. 12 of us went. Bought a top from French Kitty and some lingerie! hehe. so tired and hungry now. waiting for dearie to finish his study. bleah, off to bathe now. ttata.

Love me... * 10:29 PM

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Been more than 2 weeks since i last blogged. Alot have happened this time but i'm glad it's all over once again. Had good and bad times but i'll reminisce the good ones. Let's see. I've been studying. lose some weight but putting on again. =/ my baby joette is in Perth. =)) got closer to friends. Smoked so much less. On my way to getting a driving license. *hopefully.
oh well, there's really nothing much to say. just missing my friends and you know who you are. it's getting colder as days goes by. Gonna buy some winter stuffs soon. hehe. havent been shopping but i went to buy munchies for supper. kekez. didn't go school today, have been sleeping reallie late and waking up late. had long night chats w college friends. Bitching about people. really fun. aights, gtg bathe now. love you

Love me... * 8:02 PM

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