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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Been more than a week since i last blogged. =( dearie has been complaining. well lotsa things happened this week plus. went to the beach and its my holis now! Went shopping~ bought a nice dress and bag from COuntry ROad. yummY! Went to Ikea with dearie today. Bought a few stuffs for my beautiful room! Went to buy some food to fill my party basket as well! I love Ikea's stuffs!! its so damn nice~! cute.. but not tht cheap too.
Oh, and i went crabbing few days back~! pretty fun but i didnt catch any~ neither did dearie. =( went w like 8 cars. so tht's like 20 plus people! so fun! but it was like one hour drive away. so tiring. dearie almost crashed!! cos he almost fell asleep and i had to accompany him talk while he drive. scary. heh. Have een eating lotsa too! even waking up for brekkie!! haha. ANd sleepin really irregular hours. =( have birthday parties thruout the week as well. drinking and drnking! yummy. Exercise lots too. went jogging ad wlking a couple of times.. cool!
took lots of pics too! will share soon. going to eat supper soon. update when im free. love you!

Love me... * 12:39 AM

Monday, March 21, 2005

dearie just left my place for class! heh. We went to have lunch outside, then went to Kings Park for a chat. I went to class this morning, Just 45 mins! argh. I'm feeling so tired. It's super hot these few days! 35 degrees! its worst than sg man. Last night, I had dinner w brother and Sister-in-law~ we had italian food. yummy. I drank a couple of wine and beer in college. It was formal dinner last night but i didnt go. Then came home did some work, chill out w friends then dearie came over to my place to sleep.
I'm gonna do some work now.. maybe sleep later in the evening.. Might skip dinner. i'm so tired and full right now. I need sleep! =) i miss dearie. hehe.

Love me... * 2:47 Pm

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Heh. I'm at dearie's place now.. He's studying and me.. just staring at him. This Afternoon dearie fetched me to meet my bro at the hotel. AFter that, we went to Subi to have lunch at a french Restaurant. then walked around then decided to go to Claremont. I bought a FCUk top! yippie. Then came back.. did my laundry.. then dearie came over to my place and waited for my brother to come pick us up for dinner! We had vietnamese food again. heh. After that went to Paramount and Mustang BAr for drinks. I got a lil' high. heh.
Guess what! my brother actually smokes. We smoked together. hehe. Tomorow we're going FReo tomorrow for fish and chips! its been a long time. hehe. Can't wait. Alrights gotta slp early. nights peeps

Love me... * 12:39 AM

Friday, March 18, 2005

Just got back from school! went to do my test. i Scored 87%. Hehe. Last night mambo was reallie just like zouk's mambo. heh. HAd a couple of drinks and i saw my long lost sec school friend! Guess who!! Kenny! a.k.a wee Hiang! heh. he's gonna be here for a year on army attachment! how cool is tht! extra friend. Saw a number of friends over there too. heh. Then came home w dearie and spend the night at his place, woke up late today which meant that i missed my lecture. hehe.
A friend kept pestering me to go to the river cruise tonight. hehe. i reallie duno what to wear man. argh. but i know its gonan be fun! heh. My brother coming down tml morning. so fast! yeah!! good food on the way! haha. huggies peeps.

Love me... * 3:25 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I do so hate to go for so long without writing! Once more, my busy schedule has taken precedence. Lotsa things are happening!! how cool!! heh. Tonight there's mambo at a club called paramount~ tomorrow there's a river cruise where we have to dress up to the theme occupation! yup, so thats where all the kinky stuffs can happen! nurse , policewoman! how cool!! heh. But ain't sure if i'm going not. then on Sunday there's another formal dinner! And my brother's coming to perth!! yippie. So much things have happened. Hmm.. went shopping, and late night suppers w dearie a couple of times. Busy school. lotsa work and studies and readings. argh. hate it man.
Anyway, going for a walk now. have been doing tht the past week. exercise!

Love me... * 8:05 PM

Sunday, March 13, 2005

People are so sick. i cant believe they're people in the world who skin animals alive for their fucking fur! jUST watched a video on that. it disgust me so much man. eeks. i feel damn sorry for the animals. why are people so heartless!

Love me... * 8:36 PM

Heh. Just got back from the beach with dearie's friends. dearie Had a course so he couldn't be w me. =( but he finished early so he went to the golf course. Last night dearie and i went to northbridge to have dinner! we had our fave Vietnamenese food. hehe. i missed it so much! it tasted soo good. Then we went to King's park for a romantic date. hehe. we chit chatted on the lawn for 90 mins. Then we went to northbridge for bubble tea! After that went back to dearie's place and i spent the night there.
I'm so tired right now. Oh but i think i'm tanner a little* =) hehe. i'm gonna take a shower now then wash my clothes and iron them. my wardrobe's in a mess now. Oh and timtams are soo nice to eat. =)

Love me... * 3:53 PM

thursday, March 10, 2005

Its late night shopping today. friends from tommy More are going Garden City. Doubt i'll be tagging along. Wished i could go out w dearie instead. sigh. Went for one lecture this morning. Then came back. Felt like shit today. I skipped lunch and i don't think i'll be having dinner as well. i have no appetite to eat at all. Surprisingly, i dont feel that hungry. Been studying and lazing around the whole day. Superr bored. Going to take a nap on my beddie now. ta

Love me... * 5:35 PM

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This morning woke up at about 10 plus. Dilly dally a lil' on the bed w dearie then finally decided to get up. we went to have our chickie rice somewhere around the area. then he sent me home and he went for classes. then Abby came to my place to look for me. We slacked for almost 4 hours! We were studying a lil', reading our texts and suntanning. hehe. But i think im still not tanned. I slept the whole afternoon after abby left my place. then dearie came over knocking on my door but i couldn't hear. heh. Dinner was ok. but i reallie loved the creamy brocolli! it was damn delicious. hehe. Soon, i'll be going to KK's pub w dearie and friends to celebrate someone's bday. drinking drinking! hehe. oh well, bored again.

Love me... * 7:16 PM

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I didn't go to School today~ cos i wasn't feeling well. So i went to see a DOC after my lunch at dorm. Oh and the food sucked like fuck. Ken and i went to broadway to see the doc. And my medicine cost $25!! tht's freaking expensive! I'm never going back to that pharmacy again! dearie insisted on fetching me back home from broadway so yup he did. then immediatally he went to play golf. While iw as home, i slept and studied alot today! There was reallie nothing to do. Dinner was ok but i didn't had appetite to eat much. Reading through my text now. haiz. i'm so lost. It's so damn complicating. Smoked alot today. Felt damn stressed while i was taking notes and doing my readings. heh. what an excuse. Oh well.
Waiting for my back card to come so i can withdraw money! running short of cash right now. boring boring. Cant wait to see dearie later. gonna spend the night w him cos i dont have class tml. how cool is that! =)

Love me... * 7:39 PM

Monday, March 07, 2005

Went to school today for lecture! But i left early. I went home to replay the audio lecture and wrote notes in my room. hehe. its so much easier!! Then i went to the city with abby~ But we forgot it was a public holiday today! so the shops were all closed. In the end, i just bought my mud muffins! and went home.
Had lunch in school. then studied on the lawn for a while. then i went to play Tennis with julia and Jake . Then came back sweaty and called mum. Talked to her for a while. Telling her all the stuffs i wanna do and buy so i need the money coming in. =p
I'm gonna join the Gym. its $300 a year. pretty cheap! and i bought books which already sum up to $500 and still going. Gonna take my driving lessons very soon. need money again. And i've been eating out, so need money again. And gonna buy a car. money again! i have a budget of AU$20000. i think that's like a lot already. i buy a cheapo car and i can go shopping alot more!! hehe. Well, tomorrow's a long day. end at 6pm! wth right?
and yeah! my bro coming soon!! in like 12 days! and i can get all my other stuffs. =))

Love me... * 4:23 PM

Sunday, March 06, 2005

OK let's talk about Yesterday. dearie and i went went out to eat dinner at northbridge. we had suckling pig, chicken and a vege. heh. Then went to get a bottle of white wine and we drank at a "park." how sweet eh. Then went back to his place and i spend the night over there.
This monring, we woke up. I acocmpanied dearie to have his colege lunch then he came over mine and accompanied me had my lunch. Then came to my room and use the net blah blah. Then we went to a nearby shopping centre but it was closed. so we both went to the city. dearie bought his stuffs but i didn't get anything. heh. Came back to my place and we fell asleep till now!!! i missed my dinner! and dearie went back to have his. might have to starve myself or hope for a miracle that dearie will bring me out to have mine. =) aight, gonna take a shower now. so damn sticky. love ya peeps. oh and school sucks.

Love me... * 7:47 PM

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Thanks Debbie for cheering me up last night. love you lots. you're great. =) SPent the night at dearie's place . Ain't sure if things are gonna be better or worst. But i'll just cross my fingers and let things be. (if i can, but i'll try.) Had coffee with dearie just now at Tiamo. then came back to my place and slept for a while. He just went back to have lunch. I just missed my lunch. So.. munching on my muffin now. Went city w some friends yesterday. Bought nothing in particular. Oh i failed my theory test! Because i didn't study for it. i mean i wasnt even prepared!! they called me along at the last minute so i just tagged along, besides i didn't have to pay any fee. =) Before that 3 of us went to feed the ducks with the stolen loaf of bread. hehe. was fun.
Had dinner in college and then had a "Beer" gathering w the collegens. It was pretty fun. Just sat down on the lawn and chill out w beer and cigs. how cool can that be right! =) then dearie came like 3 hours later after our party. =p
now i think im gonna head down to the city to look at some accesories. there's a shop called "ice accersories" and they're pretty cheap. And now i feel like heading down to supre as well. =( maybe i'll just stay home. its pretty cold today, great weather though.

Love me... * 1:26 PM

Friday, March 04, 2005

These few days sucked like fuck. I'm feeling really down. i hate what's going on in my life right now. i'm sick of it i hate it, but yet i still want it badly. this feeling suck. i cant be any stronger.

Love me... * 7:49 PM

Thursday, March 03, 2005

It was a horrible night. shocked. Disappointing. Disgusted. Terrible. I don't know what's going on in my life. i tried to be nice and i was. It was going ok for a couple of days. he ruined everything and now it turns out to be my fault.
He loves to do things on his own. So i guess he'd rather be single and he can have all the time to himself. he doesn't need to make commitments. he just doesn't need a partner right now. he's not up to the job.
i accept his excuses. i live w it. how long can i hold on? no one is supporting me. no one at all. i need love people, LOVE. who can give me that? oh crap. i'm uttering nonsense. oh shut up rowena.

Love me... * 12:23 PM

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dinner was nice! chinese food! Just like lunch. both were great. Been eating alot. argh. Chatting on MSN w Jason and Joette now. heh. i wanna go get mys tuffs from Jason! "my" speakers and subwoofer! yummy. and im gonna get a TV.
Not too sure if i should move out to another room cos this room is so much bigger! and it has a Balcony! argh.
Im so full now. nothing to do. think im gonna read my Textbook. have to buy 3 more which cost $200 plus aussie. so damn ex. haiz. fun fun. later got CSI miami! haha.

Love me... * 7:32 PM

Went Macs with dearie just now. he just left. =( After lunch today, i went to my friend's lecture for fun and dearie was there. hehe. Then after that went back with dearie to his place and slept till 5:30PM and i rushed back home to have my dinner to attend a lame talk at 6pm. After that came back and washed clothes. Slacked around and then went over to dearie's place to help boonkiat, one of dearie's friend to dye his hair. heh. played CS for a while too.
Tomorrow's classes are so confusing. ain't sure what time. tomorrow morning have to wait for friend;s call. heh. aights, going to slp now. ttaa

Love me... * 1:00 AM

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

went to school just now in the morning, and im done for the day! how sweet! well, Now i don't know what to do! i think i'm going for a walk and tan. The sun is good. hehe. Last night dearie and i went to Northbridge to have supper. I wanted to eat mud muffin but i couldn't find the place. So dearie might bring me later after his class! Hope he go play golffie too so i can get my stuffs from Jason!
peeps, i love my boyfriend alot! heh. its gonna be our 10 months anniversary in erm 4 days! i cant wait for the first year anniversary. alrights, I'm going to walk around. Xinny and Chien Yee coming to visit me at 12 noon. hehe.

Love me... * 10:16 AM

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