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Pro32 Version 1.7

The Pro32 DOS Extender for easy protected mode programming.

These are the main features of the Dos Extender:
- Support for the most common assemblers: NASM, TASM, MASM, Pass32
- Windows 3.x, Win 95 and WinNT compatible
- Compatible with DPMI, VCPI and raw XMS
- Short Stub file (about 10 KBytes)
- a fast DPMI support
- full 32 bit support
- sensible exception handler
- direct access to DOS PSP
- provides zero selectors for direct access to dos/video/bios memory
- easy memory model
- XMS emulation
- dynamical memory allocation
- user defined stack size
- supports CRTL+C and CRTL+BREAK
- core dump function for post debugging
- including VESA and IO routines by Chris Hazard
- VCPI bug from V1.6 removed!
- complete documentation and example sources
- absolutely free

Read more about the Dos Extender:

  • PRO32.DOC file
  • PROSET.DOC file

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  • Pass32 Assembler

  • Get a free protected mode debugger:

  • Pro32 Debugger

  • To download Pro32 - Click here:
    Pro32 Dos Extender (about 76 KBytes)

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    Software Download Pro32 ( about 76 KBytes

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