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Food Shops
While Six Flags Over Georgia offers great food, and to make your Six Flags experience true, you need to sink your teeth into a turkey leg, or a great huge Hamburger, and how could you forget a foot long corndog?
Be prepard for prices to range just less than $10 a person
REMEMBER: Park re-entry is not allowed.
Shops are indexed by location:


Savannah's Pizza and Cafe`: Grab a nice hot Pizza and a variety of speacialty sandwiches. This location serves Coffee and Rolls for breakfast, and is also one of the better priced locations in the park.
     Location: The promenade, connected to Six Flags Market Place, across from the Looney Tunes Exposition.

Tondee's Tavern: Philly and Chicken hoagles.
     Location: Across from the Georgia Cyclone, next to the promenade.

Cyclone Snack Shop: A small snack shop located next to the entrance of the Georgia Cyclone

This section also has Iced Teas and Lemonade.


Old South Confectionary: Funnel Cakes with assorted topings such as Cherrys and sugar.
Ben and Jerry's: The best ice cream ever!
     Location: Between the Prmanade and the Georgia Scorcher. Near Guest Relations.

Spanish (Bugs Bunny World

The Carrot Club
: Guaranteed to satisfy adults and children alike, the Carrot Club serves freash pizza by the slice, hot dogs, and Southern fried chicken tenders- All served with french fries.?
    Location: In the Bugs Bugs Bunny World fort. Under
Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster

Cotton States

Cotton States Food Court
: Foot-long hot dog and frys. Also chicken Tenders. Also serving Dippin' Dots.
     Location: Across from the games section.

Skull Island

Jolly Rogers: Pretzels, Churos and Coke products to wet your whistle so you can go ARG!


Miss Dixie's Depo
t: It's time to stop by the train worker's favorite place to eat. you can take the conductor's choice and eat a 1/4 pound burger with fries and all the fixings! you can also have some AWESOME BBQ!
     Location: Across from Acrophobia. Near the Dahlonega Mine Train.

Panda Express:
: The selection of food in the park just went up another star with the best chinese food in these parts!

Plantation House: Fried chicken tenders, regular and spicy. Kids meals are also available.
     Location: Across the path between Monster Plantion and Crystal Pistol


Miner's Cookhous
e: Burgers and BBQ sandwiches.
    Location: Heart of Lickskillet. Beside the Wild West Comedy Gunfight Show, between the Sky Buckets and the Hickory Chip

The Hickory Chi
A quick way to get that good ole' Turkey Leg, but no place to sit down and eat it.
   Location: Behind the Gunfight Show.


Dee Jay's Dine
r: America's Buger and Fries! Also serves fried chicken sandwiches.
     Locations In the heart of USA. It is what brings out USA! Across from the Drive In.


: Homemade style pizza slices. Cheese or Pepporoni. One of the cheaper locations.
     Location: Across from -N- Be Tween, Halfway down the hill to Lickskillet

El Jalapeno Jr.:
Get your spice on!

Ben and Jerrys: The best ice cream around!

Gotham City

Gotham City Eatery
: BBQ and chicken tender baskets.
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