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Six Flags News
Six Flags Over Georgia is hiring for the 2006 season!

Be prepared for interview upon arrival, you will have to fill out an only application there if you do not fill it out at home.

Go to
Sixflagsjobs.com to apply
Check out Six Flags' employee recruiting video.
Are there any Perks!?

Free Park Admission
After you work a long day how about a plunge on splash waterfalls or a drop on Acrophobia anytime you want. As long as you work at the park, Post 3 is your own anytime free entrance..

Free Guest Passes for your Friends
After working 200 hours, you have the privalige of being someone's best friend when you give them a free Six Flags Over Georgia ticket. You will have a lot of friends, you get 5 tickets for Over Georgia and White Water, and then for the next 250 hours, you will recieve another 5 Over Georgia tickets.

Section Parties
About once a month one of the three Six Flags Atlanta property parks will host a party. You can go to any one of these as long as you work at one of the parks. During this time you and your co-workers get a section of the park to yourselves with free food!

Discounts and Free Admision to any other Six Flags Park
Employess receive 40% off merchandise in the park.
Also you can go to any Six Flags Theme park with free admission with your Employee I.D.
(some parks may not obide you to this privilage check with Employee Services before using this privilage.)

You also get:
Movie Nights in the Drive In
and much more!
How do you get there?

As you get off I-20 drive past the front parking lot. Follow signs to the employee parking area. Once you reach the 4-way on the employee access road go straight. You will see the Human Resoursces / Administrative Offices. Park in the small parking area beside the office walk on in and good luck.