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Your Packard Bell System

DO NOT LOOK FOR YOUR MODEL NAME, IT MEANS NOTHING,  YOUR MOTHERBOARD DETERMINES YOUR SYSTEM TYPE.  To find out which system you have you should visit my Packard Bell Motherbord Identification Page, for it is the motherbord that determines your system not your model name.

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Visit These Web Pages to
Get Info for All Systems
PB Pentium Systems Chart
List of All PB Motherboards
PB Information Page
Packard Bell Modems and Sound Cards
Your CD-Rom Device
Upgrade Center

Visit My Web Pages on
the Following Systems
PB 520r Page
PB Hillary Series Page
570/580/590/620/630/650 motherboards.
PB 600 Page
PB 640 Page
PB 680 Page
PB 770 Page
PB 760 Page
PB 790  Page
Also visit the PB 2020 monitor Page. 

Do you want to tune up your system?  If so visit my Tools for Your Packard Bell Page. I have a few ideas to get your system running better.

In addition if you are looking for info on the following system types, try these great links.  These sites were all made by other PB owners:  There are a lot more good links on my links page, please check it out.

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