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I have a total of 3+ years of professional experience as a Software Engineer working at Symantec Corporation, Teradata - NCR Corporation and ADP Company.


SYMANTEC Corporation

Sr. ENGINEER (Full Time)

Aug 2004 - Present

Symantec is a global leader in information security. I am working as a Sr. Engineer in Enterprise Security Department's Security Information Manager product team.

  • Design and develop tools to automate the testing of different features of Security Information Manager and perform the server code-reviews

  • Designed and implemented a Database Insert Tool that can insert data (millions of rows) into the database using either a batch mode (.zip files) or xml mode (xml files). XML mode had additional features of updating, refreshing, clean inserting and reverting the data inserted and bring the database back to a previous known state

  • Designed and developed Database PreVsPost Tool that can take a snap shot of a database table or any SQL query. One can take a pre-snapshot, run some tests and take a post-snapshot of the same table or query. The results of the pre and post snapshots are than comapred by the tool with an option of writing these to XML files

  • Both the above database tools were developed platform independent using JAVA, JUnit and DBUnit and work against IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL 

  • Designed and implemented Memory Monitoring Tool to monitor the JVM memory usage for a particular process (%CPU, %MEM, resident pages used etc) using JAVA, JNI, C on LINUX platform


TERADATA, NCR Corporation 
May 2004 - Aug 2004

Teradata is the global technology leader in enterprise data warehousing, analytic applications and data warehousing services. I am working as a Software Engineer in the Query Performance and Optimizations Group.
  • Feature testing the Hash Join functionality and making it Parallel Test Environment (PTE) Complaint

  • Would be making modification to the code of Hash Joins and unit testing it

  • Studying and understanding the complete Architecture of Teradata Database

  • Understanding the complete Query Flow and its processing

  • Adding new SQL/XML functionalities and features to the Teradata Database to make it application friendly (see the details below). This would be demonstrated at the Teradata Partners User Conference in Seattle this September 2004


TERADATA, NCR Corporation  
May 2003 - May 2004

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation specializes in Data Warehousing, CRM, E-Business, E-Commerce, Data mining, Information management and implementing specialized data and information systems.

         -   Added new SQL/XML functionalities to support event based application
             integration and development with Teradata RDBMS
         -   Designed and developed an On-line Web Store with a 3-tire architecture to
             demonstrate these features using XML Web Services and IBM WebSphere
 using JSP, Servlets, JAVA, SOAP and WSDL
This project was presented at the Annual NCR Teradata Partners User Group
             Conference and Expo at Seattle in September 2003
         -   Developed Stored Procedures and C/C++ User Defined Functions (UDFs) for
             shredding the XML documents into relations tables, publishing the relational
             data back into XML/HTML format dynamically and searching the XML

             documents stored as CLOB data types using XPath functionality



July 2000 - July 2002

ADP Wilco's development and support services specialize in leading edge technologies relating to distributed client server processing, networking, advanced database programming, message oriented middleware and workflow solutions.

       GLOSS Product Development:                                          (May 2001 - July 2002)

       Global Settlement System (GLOSS) is a real-time transaction-processing engine that
       automates the trade processing lifecycle from trade capture, through confirmation,
       reporting to the clearing agency, settlement and accounting.

           -  Designed and implemented C/Java/SQL APIís for efficient validations,

              verifications and data transfer between servers.

           -  Designed and implemented processing functions for Business Validations,
              Verifications and Report Generations.

           -  Developed server code (C functions and SQL Stored Procedures) for efficient
              distributed client server processing.


       NY Bureau Development and Support:                               (July 2000 - Apr 2001)

       This project involved bespoke developments for Bureau Clients and providing them
       end-to-end E-Business solutions with Live Technical Support.

         -  Added new message types, message formats after understanding the client
            business requirements.

         -  Designed and implemented data transfer protocols for the above messages types
            and formats added.

         -  Generated highly normalized database table designs and performed optimization
            and performance tuning of Stored Procedures to handle typically millions of rows
         -  Provided Live Technical Support to: Bank of America NY and London, Jefferies NY
            and London, Lehman Brothers London, Spear Leeds and Kellogg NY, Canadian
            Imperial Bank of Commerce, Investec Ernst & Commerz Bank.
This was implemented for the following Wilco Clients: Pershing Tokyo, TD Water House Sydney and JP Morgan.



Jan 2004 - Aug 2004


    -  Developed centralized Database for all the School of Engineering faculty members
       with web-based front end using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Java Script
    -  Designed and implemented the complete Database schema and the front-end
    -  Provided user level security and access for normal users, department admins and
       super admins
    -  Developed screens to generate different kinds of yearly, monthly and weekly Reports
for different departments, faculty members and the school


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