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RESEARCH at USC - Progressive Information Retrieval OLAP                         
I worked on this research project under Professor Cyrus Shahabi from Fall 2003 till May 2004

  • Develop and implement an algorithm to retrieve information in a progressive way when complex range queries are fired against a Data Warehouse / Database with multidimensional data. The user may prefer an approximate answer in few seconds to an exact one that requires tens of minutes or more to compute.

  • Convert multidimensional data cubes into a monotonic non-decreasing pattern for fast information retrieval and calculate the wavelet decompositions of these patterns

  • Develop an algorithm to efficiently store the cube data into relational tables for fast access and retrieval using Visual C#, Oracle 9i and ODP.NET

  • Design the complete Database E-R Model and convert it into physical model

  • Develop an Indexing algorithm to store the cube data - key value pairs in a file and index the file to search the key value pairs in O(log n) using C#

Copyright 2004, Snehal Shinde