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Right now, I reside in Sunnyvale, California, work in San Mateo, and "play" pretty much all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

I attended Wellesley College where I double-majored in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and divided my time equally between the science center and the music building (I play the violin), when I wasn't out raising havoc at MIT or perusing the wonders of Harvard Square.

I grew up in Wilton, Connecticut, a beautiful New England suburb where the leaves turn astounding colors in autumn, and I went to Wilton High School. For fun we used to drive by Dave Letterman's house in the middle of the night (well, it was a dry (no alcohol sold) town...we had to get our kicks somehow).

I'm currently a software engineer at Austin-Hayne Corporation. We develop human resources software such as performance appraisal tools. Before taking this job I took a couple months off to recuperate from a bad case of "startup burnout". During that time, I produced a road rally with my friend, Ken. It was a smashing success and everyone had tons of fun, including me and Ken! My other recent activities include helping with the construction of a big sand castle, and dressing up as Velcro(TM) for Halloween.

Companies I have enriched with my software development skills:

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