Diamond Calibur/The Macrocosm: The Final Chapter

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..we were one

Males and females were designed and destined to be as one; but instead the male ego, since the beginning of time, has changed and ruined the world forever. Females begin to fear them, while others believe they were made to do nothing but please males in any way. This is how our culture became what is it today. There is a reason: male egos crave power. One in paticular ego took his power to the fullest to create an army of his own kind to torture then wipe out the female species. He and his Minions reign and wait, for the strongest male ego to appear, in another dimension. With his power, Evince can completely eleminate the females.

..the macrocosm

Kurisutaru, since then, decided to leave Dante because she felt somewhat smuthered. This took her Alters by surprise. They believed he would be the final male to be concerned with. Yet still good friends, they sometimes argue because they love each other differently now. For a few months, Kuri has been talking to another young boy, Rajilee, and apparently they have fallen for each other--causing the Guardians' defense to fall and the Alters to go into a complete back-up state, trying to protect their princess. Evailia possessed Kuri while talking to Rajilee to make him swear his life to them. She threatened Kuri's vitality and he swore himself to her. Evince, Samson, and his Minions were all healed back, everyone except Arrato and her remaining Fairies. Arrato has gained the service of two younger, fairly weaker second commanders. They each swore their duties to Arrato to kill Rajilee. She brainwashed them to believe Rajilee had hurt them in the past when it was really the other way around. For once Kurisutaru has to protect her loved ones from her own species. This is going to be an interesting war.

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