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Welcome to my home page. If you don't know me already, please let me tell you a little about myself. If you do know me and you are just visiting, make yourself comfortable, get a drink and just go ahead firing your mouse through this page. Any are welcome. Note that this page is only available in English now. I don't dislike Portuguese (actually I love my native language) but English is the official language of the Internet.

List of contents:

Academic/Professional Life

To see what I have been doing professionally and academically, follow the links below. I strongly suggest you visit my academic home page. Available links:

Picture Gallery

The most interesting things in a personal home page are the pictures. That's how you get to know a little about someone. That's why I have included a bunch of pictures on my page. And these are some of my favorite ones of myself and people I like. Some pages might take a while to load, so I have included their approximate sizes so you know how long to wait. But don't be discouraged by their sizes. They're worth it, I guarantee. They are grouped by subject:

Hobbies & Other Interests

This is the space I will use for my other activities. There is a lot of things I would like to write here, but it takes time. I'll add them as I can. Each link is a unique page not listed above. So, go on and click.

When I'm not in front of a machine like the one you're using now, I do some interesting things. For example, I love to practice Aikido. It's one of my favorites sports. I also like to snow ski, but as you know Brazil is not a good place to do it because there is no snow. I have skied in Utah when I was in an exchange student program. It was fun!

I also like eating. I like cooking too, but I'm not that good yet. My dad really loves to cook. Sometimes I try to copy some of his recipes. I don't do that very often because you know what happens when messy people go to the kitchen, don't you? I'll add some recipes on this page. No promise, though. I love good restaurants and I can tell you where to find what I really like (in Brazil, for now). Check all these things right here.

Another word about eating: I've been on an Atkins diet for a while (over a year now) and I love it. Check out my Atkins Diet Page for more info.

I really like good movies, either at the theaters or at home. I think I have a very good critical sense and know how to rate films. I had plans to put a list of movies I like online, but that hasn't happened in the last few years. So, I won't promise to put it online anymore.

As you may have noticed from my picture gallery above, I've been to quite a lot of places already. I like visiting new places and meeting new people. I don't consider myself as a professional tourist like my friend Caio or my friend Sonia (she's been everywhere you can imagine), but I get around sometimes. So, instead of showing a picture or two of the places I've been to or to list all of them, I decided to do something a little bit more orginal: I compiled a list of airports I've been to. Check it out.

Ok, so you want to know about my soccer team? Let CBF (Brazilian Soccer Federation) talk by itself: my team is the best in Brazil. We are CBF's list number 1. You want to know which one is my soccer team? It's Internacional Sport Clube (in Portuguese only).

Friends Home Pages

I used to keep a list of friends home pages here. However, they became so outdated that I decided not to list people here anymore. But if you want to be added, just ask me.

Thank you

Thanks for visiting my home page. I hope you enjoyed surfing it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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