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Welcome To The Only Worth While Multimedia Site For Fanatics of All Kinds.

Thursday, 25 September
Stokesy220 has moved to The site is not complete but it has a very nice welcome message and a new banner heading. This will be the last update made to the this site so move you favorites to please. I have put the new banner on the home page but none of the others for this will take too much time. This banner does not fit in with this site but the new one it fits in perfectly.
Monday, 22 September
It has been announced that kingdom hearts 2 is in a line up for square-enix's new game going into the market but all that was shown at the road show was a poster so there is no details but it has been officially stated that it will be created

Stokesy220 will be moving to a .com site in the next couple of months. The move will take place after a new page layout is crated this will include pop out menu bars and a banner for the top of all the pages. The banner has been completed and before the move takes place the banner will be placed on geosites pages.

Monday, 15 September

Dragon Ball GT Section

Episode Guide (Complete Listings on all sagas, Complete description for the Grand Tour Saga)

Black Star Dragon Balls (A description of the new set of dragons balls in GT)

Sayin Levels (A description of the new power levels in GT)
Sunday, 14 September

Linkin Park Section

All Of It (Yes I have made the whole 40 odd pages in one day take a look at it now or I will never do anything this mad ever again)
Saturday, 13 September

Dragon Ball Section

Home Page (The home page for the Dragon ball Series)
Thursday,11 September

Ne w Sections

Rom Trade Centre (A Section for you to trade your Roms, includes boards to plea for roms and a list of people who have successfully swapped roms, so far only a order forum but more soon!)

New Forums

Idea Forum (A Forum For You To Trade Your Ideas)

Final Fantasy X-2 (A Forum For You To Talk About FFX-2)
Wednesday,10 September
Well just by typing the title "Idea?" i got an idea.

1.Well first idea is a Rom Trading Centre (Can't find a rom you want well use other peoples luck or good rom collection points to find the roms you want, the idea is that you post what rom you want and either I or people who visit the board)

2.The second is a Idea board (For you to post your ideas on)

Well i actually have not done any work over the last 5 days, because you ask well i have got 4 ace new games harvest moon advance, final fantasy tactics advance, Pokemon pinball ruby and sapphire addition and mortal combat deadly alliance tournament addition. So over the last couple of days i have done nothing but homework and play these games while i was on the computer. When i was not on the computer i was playing on metal gear solid and a new game which has just come out for the Playstation but was already on the pc baldies. Expect sections on both of the games.

Friday 05, September

Stokesy220ís new section Break Away will have information on rock, metal and punk music bands. It will also contain anything I think is good enough to put on the site like jokes, funny pictures, and reviews of gadgets, which can be bought online. The Break Away section is almost like a new web site, but joined into a great collection of information on 37 sections.

Break Away Section

Home Page (Home page for Break Away section)

Dr Fix It (Review of an truly awesome disk de-scratch)

Cowboy Bebop Section

Sessions 13-26 (Yeah, Cowboy Bebop Is complete once again)

Unbelievable (New Section with other things about Cowboy Bebop, itís complete too) 

I Know some of the links on the home page do not work it is then I can add the pages without having to change the links on the home page. If I add the hyperlinks to the page before the pages are there then when I make the pages I do not need to add the new link on the home page. This only works if I keep the same name for the page, which I used on the home page
Thursday 04, September
Well i did have a list of updates which i have done yesterday and i update this section of the site offline so i can't check what i have updated so i will give a brief list of what i can remember but you can always look for sites you have not seen yet . My jack-ass brother deleted this pages update before i could save yesterday so if you have any threats to send to him send them here:

He does not have his own e-mail so i will print them off and post them to him though the mail to make it look like you lot have sent them by Post. That'll teach him.

Dragon Ball Z section

All of the technique section is complete

Some more characters added

Cowboy Bebop Section

More sessions

all bounties added

Final Fantasy VIII Section

??? i have completely forgot but i have updated this section.

Well now to stuff i have completely remembered

New Section

Break Away

This section is what is going to make this site break away from the fan sites and become a multimedia site. So i will eventually have everything about anything. More About this next update.

Tuesday 02, September
Well no site updates but i have applied to be listed to these sites:

All The Web



National Directory

Open Directory Project

Sunday 31, August
Well i took a week off to do my home work yes it took me a week to do my home work and you lot have seen me make 22 web pages in one night, it was not easy but i finshed and now for the updates...

Dragon Ball Z Section

Videos (A section of videos gathered from all corners of the World Wide Web

Manga Guide (A guide to the Manga of Dragon Ball Z)

Online Games (Some of I am sure 1,000ís of online Dragon Ball Z Games)

Movie Guide (The Movie Guide)
Sunday 24, August

Adverts Section

New Banners (For you to put onto your site, to show how much you like stokesy220)

Final Fantasy VIII Section

Items section (The Section about items)

Battle Item Section (Item section about the battle items)

Blue Magic Item Section (Item section about blue magic items)

Curative Field Item Section (Item section about Curative Field Items)

GF Ability Item Section (Item section about GF Ability Items)

GF Compatibility Item Section (Item Section about GF Compatibility Items)

GF Medicine Item Section (Item Section about GF Medicine Items)

Junk Item Section (Item section about Junk items)

Stat Raising Item Section (Item section about Stat raising items)

Saturday 23, August

These New Updates Mean That The Cowboy Bebop Section Is Now Uncompleted But Not For Long If I Have Any Thing To Do With It. Sorry For The Massive Updates All At Once But Lets Just Say When I Put My Mind To It I Can Do Tons Of Work.

Dragon Ball Z Section

MP3ís (Added a page full of MP3ís for you to download or listen too over the net)

Midiís (Added a page full of Midiís for you to download or listen too over the net)

Cowboy Bebop Section

Lesser Seen Characters (Page 1 of the Less Seen Characters of Cowboy Bebop)

Bounties (Page1 of the Bounties seen, even the ones the crew donít go after)

Sessions Section Updated (I am going to added what happens in what sessions)

Sessions 1-6 (sessions 1-6 Complete)

Astronomy (Descriptions of the planets The crew visit)

Politics (Descriptions of the Power In the solar System)

Technology Page Updated (3 New technology descriptions added and new pictures)

Influences Page1-4 (A list of all the influences for all the episodes/movie)

Opening Movie Images (Nope not the movies opening, but the series opening)

Ending Movie Images (Nope not the ending of the move, ending series programs)

Eye catches Images (Special Pictures only in certain episodes)

Kingdom Hearts Section

Review (A unfinished review by Conor Gorman)
Friday 22, August

New Sections

Advertise Stokesy220 (banners and logos so you can but something different than a text link on your pages)

Dragon Ball Z Section

Text Art Section (A section which shows pictures made out of text itís really good)

Unknown Facts (Hmm Bet you didnít know some of these)

Japanese Names (Want to know what the names are in Jap well here you go)

Cowboy Bebop Section

Technology Update (Added new pictures of the technology)

About Stokesy220
Stokesy220 News section is listed by when stuff happened not alphabetically, but the rest of the site is listed alphabetically. Yet another reason why this site is better the the rest. The Name Stokesy220 Comes from the Creators Nick name when he enters a chat room or creates a new character on a game. It is also his company's name so if he creates a Music compellation disc it will have created by Stokesy220 on it so it is only natural that this site is called "Stokesy220". The Site has been online since 10/Sept/03.
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This site is in now way saying that the information on the site is the sites own work even though some of the data on the site is the sites own creations and the site heavily backs the reliability of its own works the other information is gathered from other sources around the world wide web and the site will not be held responsible if the data from the other sites is damaging to your computer, but all information on the site will be checked rigorously to make your life easy. this site is simply a tool for people to use and a advertisement for the games and programs listed and feature on it it is in no way stating that programs and games featured that the site is an official site and is responsible for the programs and games creations in any way big or small. Any links which lead off the site are not the responsibility of Stokesy220's creators. So if any of the links leading away for the site contain viruses or programs which effect the workings of your pc then Stokesy220's creators can not be held responsible
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