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These rules are final and indisputable. All the stories and ideas on this website are completely origional, and any resemblance to any other works is strictly a coincidence. All writers must sign a contract saying that their story, idea, poetry, or fanfiction is not plagiarized. In the case of fanfictions, characters from the origional story that the fiction is based off of can be used but pieces resembling other fanficiction or stories is not allowed. The publishing of any works that are based from ideas off this site resulting in monetary gain is strictly prohibited. Anyone who violates this rule will have their IP address sent to the proper authorities who will then take action. You do not want this to happen. Any money you gain will be confiscated and all rights and copies of your story must be forfeited.


These rules are placed inorder to prevent any stealing or plagiarism. This site, its maintenance workers, and admin are
not responsible for any violations of the rules. I will do my best to see to it that all who might violate these laws are turned in to the proper authorities. All 'New Ideas' and 'Stories' are completely origional and any resemblance to any other works is strictly coincidental. The authors must state this in a contract they must sign before they can obtain an idea or story and before they submit one. Please feel free to contact me at anytime by visiting the link provided here. Thank you.

New Ideas:

  New ideas must be origional and incomplete. These must be submitted to me with a short preview of what you want the story to start out like. This must be less than half a page long but more than a sentence. This is required for your idea to be displayed on this site. Each idea has a list of people who have used some or all of if. There is no limit to the number of people who can use an idea. It is required that if you use an idea that you submit your name- screen name or other- to be put on the list, even if you don't end up writing anything finished. Although there is no way to monitor this and make sure that this policy is followed, if it comes to our attention that an idea has been used by someone not on the list, the idea will be deleted along with the story. After a new idea has more than one person, it is labled as an old idea. It will stay in the new stories section but will be treated and have the same rules as old ideas. New Ideas can
not be fanfictions. Please see 'Old Ideas' below.

Old Ideas

  Old ideas are ideas that have been inspired by something else. These can be re-writes or versions of the origional.
Old Ideas can include fanficion as well. Please specify is this is the case when you submit your old idea. Old ideas should have consent of the origional author if possible, and in all cases the author and title must be included in the information given.
  In the case of
fanficion, only the title,  author's name, (author and title only needed if based off another fanfiction) and disclaimer are needed; not the author's consent. This is only because the author is professional and cannot be reached. As it is for New Ideas, you must submit a short 'teaser' that is to be less than 1/2 a page and more than a sentence.
  Since this is an idea that is based off another, the story is not allowed to be posted anywhere else but on this site without permission from me and the person who sumitted the old idea. If the person who sumitted the old idea is no longer available, then I will make the decision. The origional author and story title must be included as well.


Stories can be the products of ideas on this site or can come from outside sources. The stories are limited by rating of G to PG-13. Stories that have ratings higher than PG-13 will be put in a different section than the other stories. If you have explicit content in your writing and still wish to post it with the other stories, you can either edit it or submit it to me to edit. I will not change anything unnecessarily and will keep your story as intact as I can. I am availabe to edit at anytime, but it may take up to a week or so to return it to you. I can also edit stories for gramatical errors and such. This of course will take longer and there is no guarantee when you will get it back within a week.
By submitting your story, you are saying that your plot is either origional, came from an idea on this site, or is a fanfiction. Old stories (from old ideas), origional stories, and fanfiction will all be posted in separate sections.


The people who have helped create this site (just me at the moment) are not really putting everything forth to this site right now. This is a geocities site, and nobody really takes these sites very seriously. Because of this I am not going to make huge changes to the site until I get my own url with more bandwidth and options. You may contact me via e-mail, even though it may take a while for me to respond. If it is an absolute emergency, please e-mail rei1313@yahoo.com.  And please, this is only for absolute emergencies.Thank you.
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