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My submission is a new idea.    definition
Please check those that apply and then submit your name and name of the idea in the text field
My submission in an old idea.    definition
My submission is an origional story.     definition
If you've already checked the box that applies to you and have filled out the information text field, then please upload your story to our yahoo briefcase.
1. Go to www.yahoo.com

2. Sign in using Username: "submit_my_story" and Password: "storiesandideas." If you are not already at the yahoo home page then click the link above.

3. On the left hand side there will be a toolbar. One of the icons will be a yellow briefcase with the text "Briefcase" beside it. Click on it. (If you cannot the briefcase icon, go to step 9)

Click "Add Files." It is in the center of the page in big blue or red text.

5. You will have three choices to your left,
select "My Documents." Once you have selected "My Documents", click the "Select" button on the right.

Click the "Browse" button. Find your file and then click "Open". If you cannot find your file, go to step 10.

7. In the text field labled "Name:" please
type in the title of your story. Remember: there can be no spaces or character other than letters, numbers, and unscores ( _ ) in the name.

Scroll down the bottom of the page until you see "Upload" button. Click it. If a problem arises, follow the directions given to you by "Yahoo Briefcase."

9. If you cannot find the briefcase icon on the toolbar, then
scroll down the bottom of the toolbar until you see a yellow button that says "More Yahoo Services." Click the button.
The services will appear in a blue box in alphabetical order. "
Briefcase" will be in the farthest left collumn 4th from the bottom of the top section. Click it.
Go to step 3.

10. If you cannot find your file:

A. At the top is a drop down box labled "Look in:". To the right of this drop down box is yellow folder with an arrow that bends and points upwards.
          Click this button until "
My Documents" appears in the drop down box to the left. If it does not appear, then keep clicking the button until it cannot be clicked again.
          The dropdown box should say "
Desktop." Below, find the folder named "My Documents" and open it. Your file should be stored in here.

B. Open your story. Click "File" in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Find and open "Properties." Find where it says "Location". Normally it will say C:\My Documents. If it does, then follow the instructions in "A" If it does not, then match the location specified by the "Properties" of your file to the drop down box in the "File Upload" popup.