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All names in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, or to any other fictional character, is entirely coincidental.


She would not wear a dress, even to save her life...right?

Could the injured basketball star find a way to help her team?

He wanted to wear a blooge, but a blooge was only for girls.

The Bully
Think of the meanest bully you ever knew...

Carlene had to dress as a girl, even though she hated it.

Her name was Su Chen, but they called her China. She lived in a tiny cabin in Alaska with her husband and four other men.

China 2
China now lives in a nice cabin with her husband.

Time changes some people...

Confusion can be a bad thing. Or a good thing. Or both. Confused?

The Dealer
It was a way to earn some extra money, but what were they expected to do?

Denise's Story
A new bra-slip leads to an eerie experience.

The Dress
She needed to change her dress, but there was a little problem...

The Elopement
Their parents would never approve, but who would get the last laugh?

The Ferret and the Beehive
What should a guy do if a girl calls him an unflattering name? Find a similar name for her?

The Football Player
A series of unusual events change a football player's life permanently.

The Football Player (Part 2)
More adventures, including a surprise, for the football player who experiened some unexpected changes.

The Football Player (Part 3: Thanksgiving)
Would somebody be eating humble pie at this Thanksgiving dinner?

A 4-Part Story
Could the children turn the tables on the aliens who had them for dinner...as the main course?

Going Commando
Is it really wise to go without underwear?

Good and Bad
Does good always triumph over evil? Maybe, maybe not...

Helen's Story
A push down the stairs would lead to some shocking changes...

Jeremy didn't want Lyn to have to take off her pretty dress and put on a pair of pants, but it was nasty outside...

Jo's Story
When you finish reading Helen's Story, Jo will add a few details for you.

A beautiful young woman...with a sad event in her past.

A Matter of Necessity
A boy's secret may have an unexpected effect on his family.

Mary Ann
Sometimes you can be too prepared...

Melissa's Party
What were Melissa and her friend wearing under their dresses?

Mildred's friend liked to shoplift. She never got caught. Would Mildred be so lucky?

Mr. Robertson's Office
The secretary was quite a distraction, but maybe that's not so bad...

My Confirmation Dress Adventure
She was going to change at the beach, but then...

My Hockey Adventure
Her brother was a geek, she said. Here's why...

It was just a dream, just a nightmare. But for whom?

No Jeans Allowed
You couldn't wear jeans to the dance, but rules are made to be bent.

The Outing
Sometimes a disability can be hazardous to someone's health.

A camera can be a dangerous thing.

There are certain things you have to do, whether you like it or not, to be respectful. Then again . . .

The city boy came to visit his cousins. One of them knew something about him...

The Rot
Rhoda had to wear a dress to save her legs from a painful and embarrassing illness.

The Runaways
She was too young, and not really a girl...

The Secretary
Was the secretary a Chinese- or Japanese-American woman?

Shooting Cheryl
Can shooting a woman ever be justified?

Another view of Helen's Story.

The Strange Story of Kristi Harris
Kristi was a good soccer player until she scored against a witch.

Summer Afternoon
Getting caught by his mother doing something he shouldn't do on a summer afternoon would not have pleasant consequences.

Trapped in a Girl's Body
What is it like to be a boy trapped in a girl's body?

A Trip to the Stockyards
There was something different about Chuck.

The Story of Tina
You decide what Tina changes into.

The Truck Driver
Truckers are real men, right?

The Turtleneck Sweater
Interesting things can happen when you wear a turtleneck.

An Unfinished Story
A story for you to finish.

The Walk Home
A walk home from the bus stop might hold a couple of surprises.

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