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My name is Mary Kippenberger and I am a storyteller/entertainer from Central Hawkes Bay (near Napier) in New Zealand. I was raised in Canada and returned to New Zealand at the age of 13.For the past 14 years I have been involved in debates (of the wacky variety), theatre, stand-up comedy, after dinner speaking and of course STORYTELLING! for both children and adults. I have a degree in Anthropology, diploma of teaching and have been a social worker for 15 years. Story is our first language, long before the written word we told stories. Our own stories give us a foundation, a place from which to stand. They say who we are. Our stories can elicit compassion, laughter, sorrow, anger, empathy and support from others. Stories make a difference. History shows that people gathering together and sharing their stories is the beginning of change. Stories are important. Lets not lose them to technology!

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