Dan's Tape Trading Site
                                                 last updated 3/11/03

         This is my tape trading site.  I'm not here to fuck around.  I am a new trader and I am looking to increse my colection.  I don't have the money to pay for a site.  So this shit ass site will work.  If you see any think you wont or any thing you think I will wont email me at
stupidtwisteddan@yahoo.cam or if you have AOL im  then send me a message stupidtwisteddan
heHHere are my rules
  1.  If you contact me you send first.  If I contact you I send first or we send at the         same time.
  2.  I traid event for event.
  3.  Use new tapes and good brands. I use JVC, RCA, TDK, sony most of the time
  4.  Record in the best passable speed for the event.  Use priority mail caz I will do         the same
  5.  Be onest.  Don't lable tapes
  6.  Do not screw me over

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  This is my guest book and say what ever the hell u want caz i dont cair   if want to swar then do it    if u are going to kill me please do     if u like spam then say it   if u dont then ok
  sign my fucking guest book ass holes