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The Grapevine

Keeping in touch with our flock!  Published every two month by our
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October -  November
Corinthians 13


minister's desk

Itís good to be home once again after my holiday in London.  One cannot get a greater contrast of life style, than Warner Beach and the city of London Ė one does not go to London for a rest!

My children who I stayed with, lead very busy lives and itís impossible not to get caught up in it, apart from the fact that in London there is always so much to do.  Itís exciting to jump on and off the underground as they wiz you from St. Paulís Cathedral to Hampstead Heath and then to the Thames where one can stroll along the river and eat at one of the little pavement cafes, weather permitting!

paintingWe went to the theatre in Drury Lane one evening, which was a real treat for someone who only manages to go to the theatre once or twice a year, if Iím lucky. One of the real highlights of my holiday though, was taking a weekend trip to Devon and Cornwall, perhaps one of the loveliest parts of England.

It was wonderful to just allow my imagination to run wild as we drove over the moors of Dartmoor, one could just imagine the figure of Heathcliff emerging from the mist, as he did in Wuthering Heights.  Then to walk along the cliff tops at Bude in Devon, with the blistering English wind blowing in our faces and the waves of the Atlantic ocean beating on the rocks below.  Then all too soon it was back to London and the fast pace of life in the city once again.

 It was not surprising that I slept like a baby all the way home on the plane even though we flew through a terrific storm and apparently people were being given oxygen and help all around me.  I slept blissfully on Ė content Ė my children were well, it had been a great holiday and even though it had been sad to leave, it was good to be coming home.  It is good to be home.

Love to you all.

Lynn and Peter

jason witting personality profile

Hi my name is Jason Witting, for those who don't know me I'm Annerie the church secretaryís son, or the short guy who is always changing his hair style or colour.

I was born on the 1st of  May 1982 in Krugersdorp.  My family and I moved down to Natal in 1988 as we could no longer bear the pain of being called "vaalies".   I started my school life in Natal so basically I grew-up here.  We moved to Winklespruit when I was almost finished with Gr. 1 (class 1) and around about this time my mother was looking for a church to call her own and so after a stint with the Catholic Church we came to be at St. Wins.  I remember going to Church all dressed up in this suit my mother bought me, Aaagh !.  I joined Sunday school and soon became active in the youth or should I say I was friends with the Pienaar boys.  I always believed in God and had asked Christ to come into my life from an early age but I was more interested playing in at the ministerís house with his sons than being a follower of Christ.  When they left in 1995 I was forced to move on and change.

I made new friends in the Church and soon began playing an active role in the Youth. With the help and guidance of Brain Hutton our ex Youth pastor I began developing my skills and talents and gifts that God gave me.  I found out that I had a knack for playing the guitar and soon began using this gift to contribute to the Youth.  I joined confirmation and was confirmed at St. Wins in 1997. I began playing worship in cell and also on camps.
With the growth of our cell group I became the lead guitarist in our youth band, preferring the electric guitar to the acoustic one.
With the departure of Warren Hofland, our worship leader and rhythm guitarist, I was placed in the spotlight and had to take over. I am now the worship leader in our Youth worship band and play for our cell group which sometimes has up to 100 people in it.

I can say that if youíre willing to use your gifts for God, He will use you, Iím living proof. So if you want to talk to or see me, you can ask any one where I am most days. They probably tell you Ií m at the church or irritating Lee our youth pastor or possibly making the loudes racket I can on my guitar, well in the Bible it says make a joyful noise unto the

Jason Witting  

Psalms 55

It seems like only yesterday that the last Grapevine came out.  They say time flies when you are having fun.  Thatís exactly what the youth have been doing.  What with Confirmation camp, Youth camp, as well as all the other youth activities.

Confirmation camp:

This was truly a spiritual camp which launched us into the final stretch of Confirmation.  The theme of camp was ďIn Godís hands- the gift of GraceĒ.  Learning and re-looking at Godís grace through Jesusí death on the cross is always a touching and soul searching experience.  To quote from our camp song would sum the camp up wonderfully.

ďFor itís the mystery of the universe Youíre the God of Holiness And yet you welcome souls like me And with the blessing of your Fathersí heart You discipline the ones You love Thereís kindness in your majesty Jesus those who recognize your power Know just how wonderful you are. As you draw near."

Youth camp: 

1 x Holy Spirit
73 x campers
1 x youth worship team

1 x beautiful setting


These were the ingredients for this years youth camp, which proved to be a great success and was enjoyed by all.  Just seeing 73 people worship God with all their heart, mind and soul will be imprinted in my mind for a long, long time.


This is my favorite hymn and says a lot about our lives.  We can plough and sow and reap until we are blue in the face but to no avail unless God does the feeding and the watering.

So from a few packets of seeds and a couple of bags of potting soil we were able to grow seedlings and raise R503.60 for fete funds.

Thank you to everyone who supported us by bringing us seed trays and by buying the plants and our thanks to God for multiplying our efforts.

                 John Capendale

Safecare Community Centre is up and running and the house is beautiful.  Everyone who has passed through mentions the wonderful atmosphere the house has, there is a feeling of peace and tranquillity wherever one goes.

We hope that she will be happy in the house and working together as a family.We stand in awe at the support that St. Wins have given us.  All the donations and help, we canít thank you enough.

There has been a hive of activity at the house, with people coming to look and drop off donations. Men helping with plugs, moving furniture, and painting.  Women unpacking boxes, and hanging up curtains.  Lots of hard work, but all have enjoyed chipping in and helping.

  Bless you all and thank you.  The community as a whole have also been very supportive with donations and sponsorships.  Safecare says a big thank you. Still lots to do, and more hard work ahead, but it is all so worth it.

 God has been so gracious with this project even to our phone number 9037777.  It is so exciting when one sees confirmation like the wholeness of His numbers.  Please feel free to drop in at any time, and come and look what God is doing in our community.

Thank you to all. Colleen

We had four emergency cases in the first week.  Panic stations, but we managed and Gail who had to substitute as housemother managed magnificently. We all welcome Estelle, who has come to us from Gauteng, with open arms.  Estelle will be managing the house, and we are so pleased to have her with us.