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Weekly Inspiration

12th November

Daniel  6, v16:  "The king said to Daniel,  “May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!”"

Daniel 6, v22:  "My God sent His angel and he shut the  mouths of the lions.  They have not hurt me. because I was found innocent in His sight."

           In the situation that Daniel found himself,  all seemed lost.  The king who loved him, was depressed, and yet, somehow,  hoped in the God whom Daniel expounded,  believed in, and to whom he prayed continuously.
           We know that Daniel was delivered from the lion’s den and said “MY GOD SENT HIS ANGEL AND HE SHUT THE MOUTHS OF THE LIONS”
I recall an amazing happening to one we know very well.  It was in the days before Rands and Cents.  The family were at the end of their holiday, and all they had for their return trip was a ten pound note, which was sufficient to see them home in Johannesburg.  It was a very windy day and they were taking a last look around on the beach;  the man felt in his pocket to make sure the note was in it place, and to his horror it was gone.  They searched everywhere and as they looked around they prayed, and then the most amazing sight confronted them.  Caught securely  in a bush that was blowing about vigorously, was the missing note.   God had heard their prayers and had wonderfully handled that impossible situation

This is a family who, like Daniel, believes in, trusts,  and lifts their hearts in prayer to God and He never disappoints them.   Yes our God will rescue us , WHEN WE TRUST IN HIM.

5th November

Matthew 9,  v 21:    "She said to herself, “ If I only touch His garment, I shall be made well”"

            In this happening, we see desperation and determination, but above all we see deep faith in Jesus Christ.
So many today are in desperate situations and have given up hope, they have no vision, and thus no action plan.  Others, who have been there and have found the road ahead very difficult but have not capitulated, and have moved forward, with the help and guidance of the Lord,  have not focused on the problem, but have lifted their hearts to the solution – Jesus Christ.
            We know of someone, whose  family life was most unsettled, and unhappy.   The husband would, at the drop of a hat, walk out of a job when things were not to his liking, and their finances were in jeopardy.  Ultimately a divorce followed resulting in tremendous hardship for the wife and her children.   However she looked ahead, worked extremely hard and trusted in and believed totally in Jesus and His promises.   The family have been able to rise above their hardships and know and witness to the almighty power and love of God in their lives.

            Let us, too, share with others what God can do for them in their different situations, if they will  but trust and believe.

29th October

Luke 3, v5:  "The rough road shall be made smooth."

            We all know how dangerous it is to travel  on bad roads, and in many of the areas that were hit by floods in our country and also in Mozambique  earlier  this year. some of these roads have still not been attended to, and those who are forced to use them, do so  because they have no other choice.
In the above Scripture passage, we are told of another kind of road, the road of the Lord that needed repair.  In the time of John the Baptist  these roads were in bad shape.  The moral and spiritual condition of the nation had deteriorated,  and a clean up was necessary.  To prepare the road of the Lord  - the coming Messiah, the hearts of the people needed to be purged of selfishness, greed and violence – all needed to turn from sin and to turn to God , to confess their sins and to repent of them.
The situation for us is no different – we too must keep our road to the Lord in good repair, must daily  turn from sin and turn to God with truly repentant hearts.  A daily prayer:

          ”Create in me a clean heart, o Lord, and renew a right Spirit within me .” 

22nd October

Hebrews 2, v8 and 9:   "At present we do not see everything subject to Him, but we do see Jesus."

There is no doubt about it, more and more people in our country and in the world, and much of what is happening is out of our control.   The evil prince of this world, Satan, is on the prowl.   We are warned in 1 Peter 5, v 8 “BE CAREFUL, watch out for attacks from Satan,  your great enemy.  He prowls around like a hungry roaring lion, looking for some victim to tear apart.”  Yes, Satan’s function is to destroy and he is very busy.
         Yet, despite all the difficulties that are bringing so much anxiety and heartache, we need not despair.
            In our valleys that are filled  with darkness and shadows – we see Jesus and are filled with hope, for He is our good shepherd who will lead us and help us over those slippery rocks, through the difficult terrain, perhaps even deeper into the valley, before He guides us out, and upwards towards the hill tops and into the sunshine.

            Simply trusting every day,  trusting through a stormy way;
            Even when my faith is small, trusting Jesus that is all,
            Trusting as the moments fly, trusting as the days go by.
            Trusting  Him what're befall, Trusting  Jesus, that is all!

15th October

Matthew 7,  v6:   "Judge not, that you be not judged."

            How often one makes judgments on how we perceive others to be, not really knowing anything about them, or the circumstances in which they are placed, let alone any hardships they may be suffering.  It is said  that very often the faults we see in others are usually a reflection of our own.
      Bishop Potter was sailing for Europe on a large ocean liner.  He found that the passenger allotted to share his cabin with him was not altogether to his liking, and he did not trust him , and so took his valuables to the purser to be locked away in the safe.   The purser accepted the responsibility for the valuables and remarked ,“It is alright Bishop, I’ll be very glad to take care of them for you . The other man has also been and left his valuables with me."
                If we could always remember how our Lord looks at us, with pure unconditional love and that He expects us to see others in the same way – to see them as He sees them and to  love them unconditionally.  A tall order, but let us pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us  to do as Jesus would have us do. Not to judge others.

8th October

Psalm 127, v1:   "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builder labours in vain."

            As I pondered over this scripture, I thought about the mighty Titanic, the ship that was unsinkable – that had the latest and safest design and everything of the very best.
Its first trip drew the together the richest of the rich, to board her and the poorest of the poor having gathered together all their savings, just in order to sail in her.
            This ship planned by the best brains, and supervised and constructed by the finest  engineers and workman.  Everything of the very best for this wonderful unsinkable ship – the Titanic.  But the unsinkable – sank.
            How often do we not hear someone say, “If only, …then I could…” planning – building arranging, with out any thought of the God who created us – always only our ways, and our desires, leaving God right out of it - doing as the singer Frank Sinatra so often sang "I’LL DO IT MY WAY."
            The S.C. Johnson and Son building in Wisconsin has been labeled  "The greatest piece of 20th Century architecture" in America, but the truth of the matter is that although it looks good it is flawed and unpractical.
            What about us, are the foundations on which we are building strong or are they on sinking sands?
            Let us build on the only true foundation, which is Jesus Christ our Lord, and build according to God’s word.

Win Sainsbury

This page was last edited on 12 November, 2000