Gail's Place My recipes, knitting hints and tips and Pictures of my family....
Hi ... My name is Gail and I live in Ontario Canada...

I started this page mainly as a way to communicate with my family and friends... needed a place to upload special pictures of my family, and my sister Susan's kids,
Laura and Cody , and the Banana Factory (you know who you are!)  I also want to put some of my favorite and special recipes that my family loves on here ... and some stories I wrote years ago about my kids and our friends..  My favorite one was about a little boy named Alister.

I have 3 adult children, Kris, Scot and
Susan who are very busy with their lives and I spend my days babysitting My Three Buddies, Nikki, Lucas and Cole.... you'll see more of them here as time goes on.

This family picture is about 5 years old, we have all changed, especially the kids... so I better get a more recent one up here soon... Just wish my family would stand still long enough to get their pictures taken....
Machine Knitting
My Hints and tips
2 Colour Circular Sock Instructions
Making Socks that fit
How many ways can you use Punch Card #1
My Recipes
My trip to Alberta
My Stories
Can you hear me? Alister and I got to be good friends. Read his story, It will change your life

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Photo Albums
Laura and Cody
The Banana Factory
My Three Buddies
Odessa Crafty Knitters

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