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Beta storyline: (according to
Essentially, the human race is caught in a interplanetary game of chess. One race of aliens (the "Skedar") wants to recover an ancient technology crash-landed on Earth in centuries past called the "weak nuclear force de-coupler," which is capable of destroying the bonds that hold molecules together.

Meanwhile, a benevolent race of aliens (the "Maians") has risen up to combat the Skedar. And Joanna finds herself "stuck in the middle with you." It's her job to sort out these cosmic diplomatic conundrums and, if all goes well, save the Earth.

Gadgets/Unused Items
Co-op Mode

Mission 1
dataDyne Central: Defection
dataDyne Research: Investigation
dataDyne Central: Extraction
Mission 6
Pelagic II: Exploration
Deep Sea: Nullify Threat
Mission 2
Carrington Villa: Hostage One
Mission 7
Carrington Institute: Defense
Mission 3
Chicago: Stealth
G5 Building: Reconnaissance
Mission 8
Attack Ship: Covert Assault
Mission 4
Area 51: Infilitration
Area 51: Rescue
Area 51: Escape
Mission 9
Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine
Mission 5
Air Base: Espionage
Air Force One: Anti-Terrorism
Crash Site: Confrontation

Debug Menu (out of body Joanna)

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