A submissive


Violation of any of these rules can result in your being kicked or banned from our channel.


Preamble A:  Channel Philosophy

(Note: Mistress may be substituted for Master, Domme may be substituted for Dom through this entire document.)
This is the guiding principle of the #House_of_Pleasure channel:

This is an adult Domination/submission & BDSM channel.  It is designed to be highly sexually oriented.  Submissive females  shall be respectful and courteous at all times, and under all circumstances.  While submissives may serve as Channel Operators they are not exempt from this rule, even when taking enforcement action.  The Master/slave relationship concept will always be  respected, and a Master is responsible for the conduct of his slave.  If a Master is not present and a slave needs to be disciplined it may be done, but only in a manner appropriate to both the welfare of the channel and the Master/slave relationship.  Keep in mind that channel rules will be enforced at all times.

The right of submissives to be free of unwanted attention will be respected.  The only circumstance in  which it will be determined that attentions are unwanted, is if the submissive privately notifies an on duty Channel Operator. Otherwise, if no channel rules are being broken, Channel Operators, or others will not interfere.

                                     Preamble B:  Channel Purpose

The purpose of this channel is to provide the following:

1) Provide a fun, supportive and safe arena for a cyberspace D/s BDSM experience.

2) Provide for the comradeship of the channel members and visitors.

 3) Provide for those involved or interested in D/s BDSM to find like minded individuals and engage in related discussions.

4) Enable a transition from cyberspace to real life if the individuals wish to do so, and to respect the wishes of those who do not wish a transition to a real life relationship.

Those that need more information on D/s-BDSM, may message a Channel Operator for such information.  We are here to help you learn and enjoy!

             # Channel Rules
1) Respect is to be shown to all channel members at all times.  This applies whether you are a Dom or a sub.  If you are a  Dom, it means obtaining consent before taking liberties, and respecting a subs decision when that consent is not given.  If you are a sub, it means addressing the Dom/mes as Sir or Ma'am, and declining respectfully when one does not wish to serve.

This also includes not using harsh humiliation or extreme degradation in the channel. Please remember that there are specific channels designed for this behavior on Dalnet.  Some examples would be terms that suggest lack of value or worthlessness, such as "filthy, worthless, foul matter, something to be reviled, disgusting, no merit, or having no value". Naughty and playful mild humiliation is acceptable. This is in keeping with the channel policy of showing respect for other channel members at all times.

2) Subs should use lower case nicknames only (example: colleen).  Doms or Dommes should use upper case nicknames  (example: Brutus)  Collared subs generally have the initials of their Master or Protector /Mentor after their nickname (example:  athena{B).  { } designates a collared submissive. Respect their channel limitations and rules of their Masters.  A  \  in front of a sub's nick designates non-participation (watching) by a sub, limited participation or the use of a "safe word" during an ongoing scene.  As a sub you have options of protection. No does mean no. The slash is like using a safe word during a scene. The next option of protection a sub has is to go to the Ops of the room. They are there to help at all times.

3) Subs should ask permission before entering and leaving the channel.  Any Dom or Domme present will grant permission to subs requesting to enter or leave.  Submissives should respectfully greet Dom/mes upon their entry, unless the submissives is  "afk" or scening.  All subs should offer to serve refreshments to Dom/mes unless afk or  scening. You may want to listen to the room and coordinate your efforts to serve with your sisters so as to not to have overkill.

4) Scening in channel is consensual and encouraged with little restriction.  Consensual means, if a sub says no, it means no. Occasionally a sub may be encouraging force, however, that should be well understood between the Dom/sub and possibly the present Ops on duty.  When two channel members are scening, they should be left undisturbed until their scene is finished.  No one should take the liberty to join in unless asked.

5) Negative comments towards other channel members will not be tolerated in open channel.  This includes, but is not limited  to: fighting, complaining, whining, immaturity, stupidity, arguing or harassment.  If you cannot interact in a pleasant manner, the controlling Ops may ask you to leave the room until you can act appropriately. Jealousy among subs or Dom/mes is not becoming and should be kept under control.  If you and another are not getting along, you should either make amends on your own with them, or turn to an Op for assistance.Dom/mes and subs alike must gain permission in open channel first before messaging .  A sub may allow a Dom or Domme to message without permission, as long as it is consensual by both.  If a sub is receiving unwanted private messages, they should privately bring it to the attention of an Op.  Repeat offenders will be kicked, and possibly banned.  The ONLY exceptions to this rule are Channel Op's, who may be messaged at any time with channel concerns, or may message YOU at any time to enforce channel policies.  The Channel Founders may message you at any time.

7) There is no advertising in House_of_Pleasure.  This includes, but is not limited to: other D/s channels, sex picture channels, other general IRC channels and/or personal homepages/web sites. 8) Co-channeling in kiddie-porn,animal sex, family sex or illegal channels is strictly prohibited.  No "scat" (shit) scenes, at any time.  No reference to minors in any sexual context whatsoever.  No snuff (death) scenes will be permitted.

 9) "Trolling" is prohibited in channel.  An example of this would be:  <NetGeek> Hey, any babes want to have phone sex tonight?

10)  All complaints about channel rule violations should be made privately to a Channel Op, and not in public channel.  This would include a sub complaining about receiving unwanted private messages.

11)  Channel Operators actions are final in most cases.  The @ by a nick designates who the channel Ops are.  If you have a complaint about the actions of a Channel Operator, send e-mail to.. brolga2k@hotmail.com12)  Violation Procedure Of Above Rules:  1st Violation: Violator will be given a private warning and public playing of an Op Pop-Up.   2nd Violation: Violator will be kicked from channel.   3rd Violation: Violator will be banned for 48 hours.  4th Violation: Violator will be permanently banned.

13) No large pop-ups allowed (nothing over 6 lines please)

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